Any recommendations for Indian Movies?

Hey guys, I love bollywood movies but the past 2/3 years due to my university schedule and personal priorities, not been able to get time to watch too much of them. I know that a lot of the south indian movies are also great so any suggestions for a week of indian movies would be much appreciated.

The only movie i watched recently is Salman Khan's Tiger Zinda Hai.


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  • Bahubali Series

    • thanks :)

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    • I lived in uk before and my parents always liked the indian culture so i was kinda brought up near an indian community. learned hindi, bengali, and a bit of gujarati while i was young. definitely seen many classics and some new ones but moved away from uk a while ago so not been watching much indian movies recently

    • then u should watch Fukrey + Fukrey Returns

      also Pyaar kaa Punchanama+ its sequel

      awesome movies

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  • Special 26 , holiday , gajni, bhool bhulaiya, 3 idiots, udaan, a Wednesday, drishum. . well there r lot more...

    • thanks so much :)

    • I have seen gajni and 3 idiots but the others sound interesting

    • Yes... They r interesting... If u want more let me know.. I'll give u a long list 😛

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  • Why don't you go for start wars, jumanji, amazon adventure, incidious etc?

    • Not a big fan of star wars, have watched Jumanji and the 2nd one will be watching it with a friend soon and not heard of the other two. Honestly i am a fan of Marvel and DC so have been getting time to watch them while i was in uni. Just miss watching indian movies too

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    • Well i usually go and get a DVD from a friend or buy one but for next week i'm just thinking of seeing it online

    • thanks so much

  • Its a boring one


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