You can't not tell me this doesn't warm your heart and make you happy to see. ❤ Thoughts?


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  • It's strange how different cultures react to something like this.
    Westerners are materialistic and money hungry. Our game shows are about winning money, and cheering for people winning things out of no real merit.

    In a place like Japan, they do not have game shows like this. There are no game shows with cash prizes, new cars... etc. The reason being that Japanese people value hard work and competence. If a person were to win a game show, the entire Japanese public would think "that person did nothing to deserve that, because they did not earn it".

    Hence, there is no demand for such shows in Japan. All of the game shows in Japan are about pranks and pulling tricks, silly stunts on people. With no reward at the end.


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  • Didn't watch it. I think all those shows are fucking stupid.

  • Im indifferent


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