Which book are you reading right now?

Which book are you reading right now? Why did you pick it in the first place and has it impacted you in any way?


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  • The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo. I've liked some other books by her and my best friend knew that and got me this book for Christmas, signed by the author. I hadn't even known she'd written this book so it was a nice surprise to be given it. I've only just started so it hasn't affected me so far but I am expecting to enjoy it :)


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  • I am reading Jack Reacher series from Lee Child. Currently on Echo Burning (5th in the series). I find reading more entertaining than watching.

    • Yeah. movies try to capture a part of the soul of the book. Can never mirror it though

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  • Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.
    I actually already read it 5 years ago but another GaGer wanted to discuss it and since I have no better things to do I figured I could read it again.

    • Yup. I am a big fan of Dan Brown. Reading the origin right now

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    • Just started, so not really sure where the story is going right now. But yeah, it's pretty much on the usual Robert Langdon saves the world line.
      What I like about Dan Brown movies is that he talks about extreme controversial concepts and helps us make sense of that
      I actually really liked the inferno, because of the concept that he talked about ( you know what I am saying, don't wanna spoil it for others). It's also the only Dan Brown book where the villian dies even before the story begins, which I thought was awesome

    • Yes I liked that concept too.

  • I'm currently reading Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare, and it's a rollercoaster of feels for me <3

  • Religional books. About Buddha.


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  • reading a book on a plane crash survival story... true story
    why I picked it?
    because I like adventure and survival in extreme conditions... love

    • nono not a movie book...
      it's on the Uruguay plane crash... called Andes

      it's amazing
      they got to a point of having to eat human flesh from the bodies left over for them to survive...
      like surrounded by mountains... it's incredible how they even survived... not all but maybe half did

    • Woah that sounds awesome

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