Does anyone else think Harry Potter is as overrated as I do?

It's undoubtedly entertaining and JK Rowling deserves all the success she's had, but people act like it's one of the greatest novels/movies ever made. We need not forget that it's just a children's story. It's not well written by any stretch of the term and is riddled with inconsistencies and plot holes. It doesn't feel like she's writhing with one lucid story in mind. Rather, it just feels like she's writing events that are interesting at the time regardless of whether or not it's consistent with the logic of the universe. It doesn't help that she's spent the last decade filling in the gaps she created in the first place.

An example that comes to mind: why did Harry need a permission slip to go to Hogsmeade? It had already been established that parental consent meant fuck-all seeing as how his guardians didn't even consent to him going to the school in the first place. But his restriction from going to town was necessary to advance the plot, so she wrote it in. It's just lazy writing. And there are countless examples of inconsistencies like this.

Like I said, she deserves all her success and I'll admit, I enjoy the series. But it's held to a ridiculous high esteem by some of the hardcore fans. And that it doesn't deserve.


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  • Why are you posting this again? Lol. Are you obsessed with Harry Potter?


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  • This post feels familiar.

    Also, dismissing something because it's classified as "children's literature" is ridiculous.


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  • It’s just an awesome, imaginative series that many kids love. Even though you may now look back and see the flaws in the writing, as a child it was a book that you could escape to! I love Harry Potter, and JK Rowling is a wonderful author who thought of a great series and made millions.

  • I guess it's not perfect, but I still love the books... a lot

  • For many people of all ages it was a perfect escape from reality.

    • I realize that. It's definitely entertaining. I've seen the whole series twice. Was never bothered to read the books though

    • Its a deep escapism. People invest a lot into those things and its very emotional.

    • I know. That doesn't mean it can't be overrated though

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