Supernatural fans out there (SPOILER ALERT)?

I have been binge watching for the past week, and non stop for the past 24 hours except for sleep since I lost my client..

Currently I'm on season 5, episode 19... rewatching it. ahh I'm noticing things I missed the first way around, like when ruby double crosses sam to get him to break the final seal? She smiles whenever sam isn't looking lol, I completely missed that the first time I watched it.

Supernatural is amazingggg, anyone else agree? :D


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  • What?

  • I love supernatural, I think of the end of season 5 the true ending and the rest a hypothetical if the show ended

    • haha I'm at the end of season 5 right now. like dean just showed up at micheal and lucifers showdown

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    • Give it a few seasons. But in ash's words (aka dr badass) you boys die more than anyone I've ever met

    • Lol yess he said that already. and I've watched them all on netflix but it's been a while. Ik they die but they always come back xD

  • I LOVE Supernatural!!

    • omg it's amazing

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    • I definitely have to rewatch it. I'm sure there's a lot that I missed.

    • I missed a lot lol

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