Has anyone here tried interpreting the lyrics of a tool song?

If so, what was your take on those lyrics? What do you think they mean or what do they mean to you? For anyone who doesn't know about tool, it is a band.


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  • I can't speak for anyone else, but as a songwriter myself, lyrics don't really mean anything. It's just for however the listener interprets them. Melody comes first, then you come up with words to fit that melody ot syllables.

    • I like lyrics almost more than the actual song in some instances or should I say I like them about the same? If one is not good, but the other is, I probably still won't listen to the song. I normally listen to songs that have underlying meanings or go deeper into things. I don't like ones with stupid lyrics. I only asked this question because I like to hear different interpretations, because lyrics are essentially good poetry if done right.

    • You're a deep person then, I suppose.

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  • Yes, Maynard has messed up lyrics. I still love the band.

    • I like the lyrics. I don't like that some of the things happen, but I like that they're talked about. I Just like how the lyrics compliment the overall tone. It's great.

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    • Same here.

    • chevelle traped breaking benjamin everlast oh how i miss the late 90's take me back!!!

  • yes, a lot of there songs are about feeling low down and empty and wanting to go back to something to numb it out

    • So that's how you interpret them? So far, I've found that each one has a different meaning. Prison sex is about a child getting molested or worse and then going around full circle to become the abuser later in life. Stinkfist is about become desensitized OR about constantly searching for that one thing and never finding it. Forty six and two is about evolution. XD it's all very interesting to me.

    • sober stinkfist and prison all have the theme i mentioned

    • Sober is about what you'd think it would be about, in my opinion. It's about struggling when you're addicted. It's not really the same. One is searching for something that will make you better, because you've become desensitized to what used to, sober is about wanting to be clean, but struggling with it and becoming paranoid about it, prison sex is about someone who had their mind broken at a young age to the point where they have to so something they mentally know is wrong, because nothing else feels right. The tone IS always sad however and I respect your interpretation.

  • I feel the lyrics are very universal and can be put many ways. Do you like A Perfect Circle?


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