What the hell is a poem?

I'm trying to write one. For me, it's coming out like a paragraph that has just been spaced out awkwardly lol.

This evening, I read some Poe, some Shelley, some Keats, some Dickman.
I read them out loud.
I read them with a British accent.
I tried to translate them into Spanish.
I'm not sure why I decide to kill time in this strange manner.
[Just in case you were wondering- the above lines ARE NOT MY POEM. They are just the ravings of a woman who should have been medicated many moons ago]

Art thou a poem?
I'd like to be a walking poem.


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  • Mope is an anagram for poem, which seems kind of perfect.

    Also, Poe is three quarters of poet.

    I've had too much coffee and you should write more. 😋

    • three quarters poet... one quarter human embodiment of melancholy? :p

      i have an idea of a poem. how i want it to feel. but the execution is... troublesome lmao

Most Helpful Girl

  • Poetry comes from the heart.
    You see my long tight curls and you think what a pain it must be
    You see my caramel skin popping with melanin
    A curse or a gift from god that I will not burn
    I am a Nubian Queen
    Just like me my sisters will also be...

    Man I tried to make it up as I went.


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  • We are the pen, by which a poem is written. Our life, the inspiration. :)

    Poems doesn't have to mean much. In a simple sense, 'poem' means something you came up with.. the literal translation being 'I make'. It's a literary piece written in verses.

    In thought we weep
    We came
    We saw
    A rising dawn
    Erasing our flaw

  • Your face is a poem,
    Not sure why I had to say that

    • Lmfao. It sounds like a pretty good start to a poem 😎

  • If there is not strict or set criteria your paragraph can be classified as a poem (free form poetry!😂) but if your not satisfied try using a song you like as a way to pace yourself or limit your thoughts into shorter verses

  • The water you consume could be with you for life, so are the words that are never forgotten
    love can lead to pain and strife, so my heart prepares to be broken
    Just to feel that love again, my heart sleeps to be only woken


  • They're rarely something I have any appreciation for.

    One of the main reasons I dropped English Literature as a subject as soon as I could...

  • All poems are different, it's just what style you prefer

    • It's not that hard really. You can just write whatever

      The day has come
      A hollow breath
      An empty gaze
      Wooden walls is what remains
      Into nothing I will fade
      But it's ok
      The end of pain

      Not that this is a very good poem at all, but it just shows it's not hard to write something

  • Why are you trying to write a poem?

    You still in school or something?

  • I read what the hell is a porn?

    • Oh dear... MY CHILD.

      ... uh, that's all I got.

  • What is your question?

  • When are you turning yourself into an editor.

    • i don't post enough or have enough things to say lol

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    • What is it then!

    • Oh nvm.. You'll find it yourself.

  • Only Tesla is a real poem.

  • This is a poem.
    "As I lay here In This Womb

    I Wait For My Demise

    I must Ask Mommy Why

    What Did I Do That I Must Die

    I Never Asked To Be Born

    But I'm Sorry Your Torn Inside

    What Ever My Demise

    Please Don't Let Me Die

    If You Choose That I Must Die

    Than I Must Ask Mommy Why

    What Did I Do That I Must Die

    I Never Asked To Be Conceived

    But I'm Sorry I Gave you Grieve

    I Must Ask Mommy Why

    What Did I Do That I Must Die

    I Ask For Adoption

    But If That Is Not Your Option

    I Must Ask Mommy Why

    What Did I Do That I Must Die

    I'm Sorry You Took My Life

    But Now I Dwell Paradise

    I Must Ask Mommy Why

    What Have I Done That I Have Died

    I'm Sorry You Have Cried

    But Where Were Your Cries Before I Died

    May I Ask Mommy Why"

    • Thanks for MH.

What Girls Said 3

  • A poem is something that comes from the heart. You can't force it, and the more you try the less it will happen.

  • poems make you change expressions and has a defferent meaning to everyone. here are some examples

    • it happend in the dead of night while I was slicing bread for a guilty snack.
      My attention was caught by the scuttering of a raccoon outside my window.
      That was, I believe, the first time I noticed my strange tendencies as an unusual
      I gave the raccoon a piece of bread, my subconscius well aware of the consequences.
      Well aware that a raccoon that is fed will always come back for more.
      The enticing beauty of my cutting knife was the symptom.
      The bread, my hungry curiosity.
      The raccoon, an urge.

      The moon increments its phase and reflects that much more light off of my cutting
      The very same light that glistens in the eyes of my raccoon friend.
      I slice the bread, fresh and soft. The raccoon becomes excited.
      or perhaps I'm merely projecting my emotions onto the newly-satisfied animal.

      The raccoon has taken to following me.
      You could say that we've gotten quite used to each other.
      The raccoon becomes hungry more and more frequently, so my bread is always handy.
      Every time I b

    • I brandish my cutting knife the raccoon shows me its excitement.
      A rush of blood. Classic Pavlovian conditioning. I slice the bread.
      And I feed myself again.

  • literature that rhymes


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