How can I get better at planned jokes?

So I've been told countless times (both through things people have told me, and through their actions) that my impromptu, situational comedy is hysterical. If I'm put on the spot, I can have a room full of people rolling in no time, pretty consistently. But for some reason, my planned jokes just suck.

I've even gone through them myself after the fact, and I DON'T LAUGH AT MY OWN PLANNED JOKES. Like if I think of a line before hand, it just falls flat on it's face. It's terrible. How can I improve my planned jokes? I feel like I'm missing out on a whole world of standup and clever comebacks. HELP?


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  • You either have it or you dont

    • Why would my situational comedy work then? Because I feel like I do have it... At least the potential to have it anyway.

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