Anyone here enjoy Black Mirror? What did you think of season 4?

How did you find season 4 in comparison to previous seasons?

I thought it was entertaining but not as dark and gritty as I like Black Mirror to be. Personally, I feel like since they switched to Netflix, the content has been more generic. For me, the first two seasons were better than the second two.


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  • I have watched only a few episodes, I enjoy it but I can't say I understand the deep meanings of there aee any


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  • I only enjoy shows that need an IQ of at least 300 to understand completely, like rick and morty.
    Simpletons just don't understand the humour and the deeper meaning of the jokes


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  • Black mirror doesn’t need to be dark. I don’t think people understand that. Not all of the previous episodes are. They just tend to be. The dating episode was amazing and in my top 5

    • True but it does usually have some sort of impact at least. Something that leaves you feeling shocked at the end. Either from it being dark or perhaps too close to a truth. I feel like this season was good but just didn't leave me feeling as wowed as I have been from previous episodes

    • The main difference between the earlier seasons were that they were protagonist focused and events we, the audience, didn’t know about or why they were in their predicament, for the most part. Or, they’re events that are tragic that the protagonist needs to be remedied. The newer episodes are more event focused than the predecessors, or we’re seeing an evolution of the character, as opposed to a reveal of the character. With that said, I’d argue about the good episodes having an impact. The Waldo moment was relatively panned for how stupidly unrealistic its premise was. Fast forward 2-5 years and you have 2 Waldo moments in brexit and trump.

    • Very true

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