If someone writes good lyrics but can't freestyle, does that mean they aren't a rapper?

I would have a panic attack if put on the spot but people have said I have awesome lyrics. They asked me to freestyle. I luckily had some good bars that I pulled out of my ass but it was a one time thing. Does it make me pathetic if I can't freestyle


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  • Most of the rappers I like, I wouldn't care at all if they can freestyle or not. I listen because I like the stuff they take time to write. I don't care how well they can freestyle. So, I say you're fine.

  • Just because you can't freestyle doesn't make you less of a rapper. Check out Andre 3000. He said he can't freestyle but he's one of the best rappers ever and amazing lyricist. And on the other hand, you have King Los who is probably the best freestyler exists. Both are pretty much opposite but are amazing

  • Both form are rapping. So, you're a great rap writer, not a great rap freestyler. That's fine.


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