Which lyric packs more punch?

Lyrics are from the diss track "Asian Jake Paul" by idubbbz and boyinaband. What I want to know is which line has the biggest impact? Would you be offended by any of these lines? Is there a line in this track you think is better than these?Which lyric packs more punch??Which lyric packs more punch??
  • I wanna be gay, cause you're f*cked and I wanna savor it. But it's cool, after smashing you I'll PayPal you 2k!
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  • Ayy, look afraid, must've seen a ghost writer. Well, ditto little b*tch but I'm not scared to show mine.
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  • Little ho, little b*tch, suck my 5.3 inch d*ck. Admit that you just got pounded, I'd say take the "L" if you could pronounce it.
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  • Jesus Christ, you're as predictable as a house tour. To call you surface level would be an insult to the ground floor.
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What Girls Said 2

  • I don’t know any of them, but all of the lyrics suck. Diss tracks are supposed to have moments when you’re taken aback and go “damn”, not want to cringe. First one is basically prostitution lol. I don’t quite understand the second. Third one he called his own dick small? What’s up with that? Maybe to mock him if he is racist but it’s still kinda? Third one at least rhymed and was remotely “good”.

    Also it’s supposed to rhyme in my world, that’s what makes it so genius.

    • You should have the full context, it's about Idubbbz doing a Content Cop (Like a diss video series) on Rice Gum (who has been begging for one). Idubbbz and Boy in a Band made a diss track on Rice Gum because he called them out saying that he would roast them harder if they did. Rice Gums response to the song Asian Jake Paul was pitiful.

      Not sure of the context in the first one but in the second one he is talking about the controversy over Rice Gums denial of using a ghost writer.

      In the third one he made fun of him being Asian because the pronunciation of L in Japanese and Chinese turns into an R, he also pointed out the stereotype that the Asian dick size is smaller than the American average of 5.3 inches.

  • The last one


What Guys Said 1

  • I fcking love boyinaband xDDD


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