What song would be your theme song if you had your own show?

I can't decide on a single song and would incorporate all of these songs into one epic theme song \m/
General of the dark army- Unleash the Archers.
The emperor arrives- John Williams
Fallen angel in the hell- Metalwings

What song would be your theme song if you had your own show??


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  • Star wars was your only good one, but mine would be any of these

    The wings of icarus - celldweller
    The way - zach hemsey
    Don't get in my way - zach hemsey
    See what I've become - zach hemsey
    Light's theme - from death note's soundtrack
    Near's theme - from death note's soundtrack
    Indestructable - disturbed
    Superbeast -rob zombie
    Any of sanji's themes from one piece
    I'm shipping up to Boston - dropkick Murphys
    Don't stop the devil - dead posey
    Luffy mokou - one piece soundtrack
    The very very strongest - one piece soundtrack
    Strength of a thousand men - two steps from hell
    Light up the sky - thousand foot krutch


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  • This Ain't a Scene - Fallout Boy

  • Big Dipper - Death Grips

    • Iโ€™m a bullshitter
      Iโ€™m a shitty stripper
      Iโ€™m a silhouette lifter
      Iโ€™m a struck stuck off-kilter
      Iโ€™m a bent bewildered
      Iโ€™m a fucking downer
      Iโ€™m a binge thinner
      Iโ€™m a big dipper
      Big dipper, big dipper, big dipper
      Conscience wiper
      Real tired
      Ursa major
      Significance minor
      Me no filter
      Sorta on icer
      My Godzillaโ€™s epoxy prime red
      I canโ€™t feel your ego shiner
      Vile of sickle shh-shh shivers
      Hypocritic big dipper

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