What do you think of these two poems I've written?

Not Tumblr Friendly:

I wince
at the cringe
of the furries insane whinge

Its a sin
the spin
of all those 'otherkin'

I'd have a drink with Bender
until he came out as

I thought I hated that I'd never
'had a pony'
until I met
the sex fiends who call themselves

Conformity was never in itself, a virtue
but it hardly has better advertisement than
in deviants
who just do it wrong.


My role models,

a civil rights leader with a dream who'd had enough
a comic who really knew his 'stuff'
a drunken Santa Claus with a heart too big for a mall
a man worth his weight in Salk
a mellow rasta who loved the birds
a poet more beast than beauty, by the Buk
a godless, amazing soul
a socialist sonnuv'a Pole
a man of capital, with a list
a man of many ventures, & no parties
a lady of song, logic, & beauty from glen to Glenn
a scientist who wraps, but was never one to beat
a Paul whose feat was never to brawl

never will my
for what they've done
  • They are bad, & you should feel bad.
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  • I like the first one.
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  • I like the second one.
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  • Meh, they are mediocre.
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  • Tl;Dr.
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  • As an otherkin self identified greygender robot with bestial sexual tendencies, I want a pony much more than you (& fack u btw).
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  • I enjoyed them both.
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  • Bender the greygender. That sounds epic.

    The rhymes are cool, and I genuinely laughed... I still disagree with what I think is your message though haha


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