Why does it seem to be crap on TV these days?

Anyone else feel like TV has gotten terrible?

Only seems to be reality shows or dramas that are getting more and more outrageous and stupid!


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  • We're kind of in a bit of a golden age of tv. Clearly your tv is like perpetually stuck on E or like the CW. What kind of tv do you prefer?

    • I have never watched E or anything of that ilk. No idea what the CW is?

      The last semi decent think I saw was death in paradise, and even then still not great.

      Luciefer is watchable, there is nothing else I have seen that is worth watching recently. Black Sails became stupid when it could of been a lot more. Breaking bad was just terrible, waking dead got to stupid.

      British TV hasn't made anything worth while since London Irish, and that got cancelled because they get more views from reality TV.

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    • The process has changed drastically since the invention of the internet. Some really famous artists just produced, wrote, performed and marketed their music themselves. Yes I agree is it quite a long process but the opportunity for the product to be the vision of single person is much higher. I don't think you can actually compare the two because a lot of the time, an artist can have a lot more freedom. The craziest tv show I've seen still follows tv conventions and an established structure, the weirdest music on the other hand doesn't.

    • You say this, but the obvious response would be vloggers. Actually cheaper than creating music at home, and I bet more people watch vloggers than listen to music produced by independent artists!

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  • I was just saying that to one of my friends last night lol

    I don't like reality T. V shows , and there's rarely ever a good movie on. I mainly watch T. V to catch up with latest news

    • Even most of the films coming out look terrible. I'm wondering if they are pandering to a few people who complain about pointless crap because nobody else stands up?

    • Yeah, and it's mostly repeats that's on

  • You're either on the wrong channels or you aren't looking hard enough my guy.

    Personally I think TV's at an all time high. I don't think we've ever had such a wide variety of good shows of many genres before.

    • Most TV seems pretty much the same, show them something shocking then have a bridge before the next shocking thing.

      Or change the word to 'funny'

      Or change the word to 'upsetting'

      Most people can't seem to be bothered thinking or actual stories or dialogues because ' the public don't want to think'

    • I strongly disagree and I think you're really just not looking hard enough. There's a ton of garbage for sure but there's so many good shows that are drastically different in mood and tone.

      What genres do you like? I could probably recommend something for you.

    • I enjoy comedy, the last thing I watched that was any good was London Irish. I prefer older British comedies.

      Sherlock was good, black sails WAS good. The new league of gentleman had its moments but overall was much like the film and shouldn't of happened.

      Need any more?

  • Thank God I'm not the only ones who thinks this. Even the Disney shows that are supposed to be corny as hell is just dumb af. That's why I don't watch TV unless it's Live PD lol

    • Just started watching London Irish again, it's hilarious!
      Got stopped because people decided not to watch it...

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  • Thats why a few years back I threw away my TV. And lived happier ever after.

  • Yeah your crazy tv is at an all time high in quality what are you watching?

    • I'm sorry, what TV show is an all time high? I can think of very little on TV that is any good? Or are you a disciple of terrible sitcoms that you are told are funny by their laugh track?

      Or Dramas that get more and more obscure and unbelievable as time goes on?

      Or do you enjoy 'reality' TV or chat shows?

  • Life is crap.


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