Do you like to dance?

Not me. I'm too terrified of making a fool out of myself. But what about you? What are your favorite dances or moves?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Depends. On the guy. The girl? The music. The mood I'm in. The amount of alcohol in my body. Lots of things matter but when I'm tipsy and happy; Yes!

    • my biggest fear is getting too drunk to remember what I did the night before so I stay away. I get sooooo into music though. I just can't move to it. haha

Most Helpful Guy

  • Ya, I used to be petrified to dance in public most of my life but one day I just said fuck it.

    I grew up around parties and djs so it was a matter of time so I’m used to a lot of songs and the rhythm. I mostly dance to Reggae, hip hop, soca, dancehall and Latin music.

    I know how to do majority of popular moves but I usually just combine them all but mostly a lot of hip and footwork or i get silly and start twerking on my girlfriend or something

    My recommendation is just practice dancing when you’re alone at home to your favorite songs and just learn to tune out everything , that’s what I do at clubs

    • not gonna lie, that's pretty impressive. :) and I can't. haha. I get embarrassed even watching myself alone trying to practice dance. it's crazy awkward

    • Just go with the flow while you play your favorite songs. You need to just emerge yourself in the songs

    • Thanks for most helpful

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  • Hobby: dance modern dances like Britney spears.

    With a man - waltz.

    • waltz seems fun af. I wish I had the guts to learn it. lol

What Guys Said 2

  • I like dancing. I usually make it up as I go. It helps me to express myself. There isn't a specific dance that I do since I do it all.

    • do u do the slow dances too, or just the fast stuff you can really move to?

    • Both I'm very well rounded

  • Same!! But they say I break the floors when I am drunk.

    • yeah it seems like a lot of people need a drink or two to get in the mood to dance.

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