Sex Assault Hypocrites?

I've noticed with all this stuff in Hollywood going on, people I know seem to be picking and choosing who they blacklist when it comes to sexual assault allegations.

For instance, I have a lot of feminist nerd friends who are extremely vocal about supporting all women who are survivors of sexual assault, yet both George Takei and Aziz Ansari have both been publicly accused of either assault or harassment and the people who are so vocal about supporting these women won't even do so much as stop following these guys on Facebook because they're fans.

I'm not trying to get into an argument about whether or not these men did what they were accused of or how I feel, I would just like to ask if anyone else has noticed selective support from people who are up in arms about sexual assault when someone they don't care about is accused, but see them remain silent or judgmental when their favorite celebrities are outed as assailants.


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  • They don't fight every case because every case is different. They look at the Aziz case and see a woman who made bad decisions and regret it while the Weinstein case was a habitual abuse of power. They look at a situation critically and make conclusions. It sounds rude but you're the problem, not them

    • Aziz isn't the only "likable" personality accused, though. I mentioned Takei because he has a huge social justice following (as he likely should, as he brings awareness to many issues) but he was accused of sexually assaulting a man in 81 while the man was passed out, and he received no backlash. It makes no sense to me how there was absolutely no uproar over his accusations.

      I don't know all the details to every accusation, but I even sided with Louis CK on some of the accusations against him because of what you said, it seemed to be women who regret what they willingly did, but why is he burned at the stake for being a creep perv but more liberal/likable celebs get a pass when they're basically accused of literal rape?

    • Aziz had a consensual encounter in which the woman regretted afterward. She can paint it how ever she wants but ultimately, she could have left but didn't. She had no reason to stay and was never forced to do anything

      The Takei incident has more grey area. The way the accuser describes it, it absolutely sounds like a date rape attempt. But there's grey area being 40 years ago. And he denied every bit of it.

      If you're able to look at the CK incident and discern that it wasn't sexual assault, why is it so far out their to accept that other people are able to do the same with other celebrities? Especially ones like the ones you mentioned

    • Because both CK and the women admitted that he asked for permission before doing what he did. He was gross and a creep, but he asked for consent.

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  • I don't think they're really hypocrites, because not every accusation is the same or has the same level of credibility.

    • None of them have credibility. It's all hear say and evidence-less accusations being hailed around like raining arrows. People are choosing who to burn at the stake, and who to set free based on what? Opinion.

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  • I think Chris Rock said it best in this:

    The more people like the celebrity, the more they are willing to forgive.

  • Exactly. You've uncovered the great paradox of politically correct society: "I stand against anything and everything that is wrong bc that's what is right, and I love all the likes and thumbs ups I get for doing so... but only when it fits my personal agenda. Otherwise, It's not even a big deal. But if you don't agree with my point of view on said instances, you are a bigot, racist, homophobic, misogynistic piece of _______. People today are so disingenuous and brainwashed.


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  • To liberals it's only wrong when it's done by white men


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