Do you know Julien-K?

It's an industrial/electronic rock band from California. They make great music.
Let me know what you think about them.
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  • dont know about 'industrial' they just sound like a watered down version of eighties new wave to me

    • A lot of the 80s music was inspired by the birth of the industrial in the 70s. As any other genre there are a lot of variations and sub-genres.
      Some of the best industrial bands are from the 80s.

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    • Sorry, should have checked your age before replying. lol

    • truth is that during the 80s i was really into 'industrial' rather than wham or kylie minogue so i kinda know what im on about. i would compare the band you mentioned with 90s depeche mode more than anything else

Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't know.


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  • The name sounds familiar. Haven't looked into them though

    • If you're into electronic music, you may like them. I was curious if someone new them, cause so far I've only met one person that has heard of them.

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