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  • Oh pls. Marvel just made it big on screen. DC has good characters, good and complex storylines and is way better than marvel in many ways. I enjoy marvel too, but don't dump off DC just because they couldn't get their shit together in the movies.


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  • Are we talking as comics, as movies, the characters over all, or what?

    Movies? Marvel. The MCU has been fun, has room to keep going, and the DC movies have been mostly terrible.

    Characters over all? DC. Characters tend towards being more complex, and more serious. Less issue-to-issue inconsistencies, with a greater attempt to reconcile them (gold/silver age non withstanding).

    comics? since about 2010, I can honestly say "neither." Both are shit. Prior to that, DC in a landslide.


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  • DC is better in the comics than they are in the movies. i hate that the DC movies doesn't stay true to the comics.

    same can be said for Marvel, but their alterations isn't as much as what DC did. (removing martian and green lantern from the original 7)

  • Movies? Marvel. They are 10 years ahead of DC right now.

  • DC is better because they don't release so many stupid movies!

    • Think you got that backwards...

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    • That's what DC is doing but doing it so poorly it's embarrassing. But whatever floats your boat

    • I don't like either one. DC is just releasing fewer movies because they have a smaller budget, so I prefer them by default. If they were releasing more movies than Marvel it would be the other way around.

  • i think peoples opinions will change after infinity war but marvel for now


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