Is there a way to invert a video, and remove the person in the video, but have the video still play?

trying to tab a keys part that someone covered of a song i like that id like to learn. she posted it on youtube, as if she was performing for a crowd, so, it's hard to read the keys she's playing that way. i want to invert the video so that it's essentially backwards, so i can see the keys as if i was playing, and i want to remove her from the video but have the keys still play, obviously, so i can see whats being played. is this at all possible, or is this too farfetched?


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  • Um, I think I know what you mean. Do you have any editing software? Even something simple like windows movie Maker or imovie?
    If you have those you can horizontally flip an image and if you have something a little more advanced you can crop the screen.

    • yeah i have movie maker

    • Okay well if you download the video (Google YouTube to mp4 converters there's loads) you can import it into movie Maker and horizontal flip it.

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