Any Indians out there, please help me find the name of this music video?

So I use to listen to this in my childhood days. I don't know when it was released but it use to come on the TV around 2005 roughly.

Basically its its about this little boy and girl- Indian obviously (it's An Indian song) and they were kids that became friends and all. And he gave her a necklace or something as a gift and her dad didn't approve of him playing with her.

They ended up moving and she watched him go on the train.

And then they're grown up and she's looking for him when he comes back in town. And first he doesn't recognise her and she pretends she is choking and needs a glass of water just to interact with him and when he comes back she shows him the necklace and he recognises her so they start bonding all over again.

And then it ends with him having to leave again, and her watching him go in the train but this time he changes his mind and gets off and it shows them walking off together.


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  • There are too many Indian songs, you need to be more specific, actors name, movie anything?


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