What is your favourite movie with Christian Bale in?

What is your favourite movie with Christian Bale in?


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  • The Dark Knight.
    Although, it was Heath Ledger who made that movie enjoyable for me. Christian Bale had little to do with my liking it. :3

    • Heath ledger ❤️

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    • @JudgmentDay I've had On the Heights of Despair read to me when I was a child. If I ever have children, I intend to do the same with them. Everyone needs to have this as their baseline; this understanding that existence is a moot point and any point whatsoever is a matter of interpretation--nothing more, nothing less. It's the most liberating stance that one could take... if one could take it without crumbling, that is.

    • I've learned to live with it without crumbling. I guess that makes two of us, others won't even give a fuck to read Cioran's On the Height of Despair, and don't forget about Ozymandias too!

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