Have you seen the de-feminized edit of Star Wars:The Last Jedi?

I did. I have to say that all sexism aside, it's actually a good parody while highlighting how bad the actual film was. I didn't have high expectations for The Last Jedi after listening to Kevin Smith give his synopsis, I purposefully avoided seeing it in theaters because of the issues he lists on his video. I watched this one because I've seen the De-Specialized editions which I felt made the prequels complete. It's not even in the same ballpark: The edit is from a cam video and very little if anything has been added. The De-Specialized editions added in sounds, characters, background elements, color correction, improved picture quality, and more.

I feel that this edit was due to Disney trying to open the Star Wars demographic to feminists. To appeal to a mass audience female roles were added in the same manner Jar Jar Binks character was added to make the film less depressing. A bunch of corporate suits sat down at a meeting to discuss how to sell Star Wars to a new generation, not write a good story in an attempt to make another classic film. This edit is what happens when fans grow up with a series that turns into a cash cow while disregarding the elements that made it appealing in the first place.
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  • I haven’t yet but I have to admit as a little girl it made me mad that there weren’t a lot of women in mainstream sci-fi movies who were more than a sexy damsel or villain of some sort. So seeing Rey made me really excited, because she was a central character. However I love edits like this where they cut our stuff, the same way I like that fifty shades of grey trailer where Anastasia is replaced by a teletubby.

    • After watching it I can tell an angry can made this edit because of the executive and creative decisions. It's more a parody and I'm surprised everyone is taking it so seriously. The way Like is portrayed as a guy in the background, hell almost like a tired old dog with the cuts, it's actually really funny. Kylo doesn't make any sense, which I think goes to show that they didn't really build him up as villian... more a misguided child in an adult body with force powers.

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    • Exactly! Some of the female characters lacked an arc or just weren’t developed enough to have the role they did. And it definitely would have been a great move to show expendable characters like storm troopers or officers to continue to be seen as canon fodder or just people to do the First Order’s bidding and still be women. Hux is in a powerful position and even he gets thrown around.
      That kind of analysis would be real work, and I think everyone nowadays is obsessed with reaction-based content. It’s silly and it’s not very good journalism or reporting or even entertainment but it’s flourishing.

    • Yep, I had issue with Hux being in the position of authority and treated like a ragdoll yet Leia can break the rules of physics/canon simply because she's a force user. The women in this movie seemed oddly protected, safe even yet the men did the majority of fighting/dying. How is that equal?

  • No, I haven't.

    • Well don't read the articles on it, I feel they missed the mark on properly analyzing this edit. Watch it for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

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