Which guitar sound is better?

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  • The second one


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  • The second ones sounds better. It sounds very “line recording” like in the first one. Most line-ins honestly sound like poo. Mic’ing really helps bring out the warmth of acoustics.

    Likewise, the mixing process sounds better in the second one. The first has way too much mid-low to low frequencies. It makes your guitar sound really boomy (and consequently muddy). This is a guess, but try taking down probably like around 150-200ishHz. I also generally just straight out cut below 100Hz for guitars (since they don’t really seem to contribute much).

    For the second one, this may be just personal preference, but I find it kind of odd sounding to have the rhythm guitar panned center with the leads panned far left and far right. It makes the rhythm cut through the mix really hard. I’d suggest either making the rhythm wider via either double tracking, reverb, and/or delay (and maybe panned not quite center) while making the leads not so panned hard to the sides.

    I think the guitar tone could also use some work. It’s not boomy like the first one, but it sounds kind of brittle/cold. It sounds like a line end where it’s missing the warmth.

    • Thank you so much for this in depth answer my one was the first one

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  • Second.

  • Second


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  • I like the 2nd version more. It is brittle. However-something is missing, but I can't point it. Try on a Strat? More echo?


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