How can I improve my acoustic track?
This shit is pissing me off i can't get it too sound good im giving up i dont know what im doing wrong!!
Sounds crap! HELP!!!


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  • Part of it is going to be the line-in sound. You’re going to be kinda limited in how good you can make the sound if the original sound isn’t fantastic to begin with. It sounds better than the first version at least!

    I think one thing that could help your mix is figuring out your audio spacing. It’s a bit convoluted in the mix. Two many things are going on and clashing with each other, making things a bit muddy. This is especially true since the frequencies are all basically the same.

    Generally, what I do is record the chordy rhythm twice (aka doubletrack). Then, I pan one guitar hard left and one hard right. That way, it gives the illusion of the center but still very wide so it leaves space in the middle for a lead. I don't know if you’d want your guitars that wide— mixing preferences differ.

    Then, I would have your main lead (the melody that you want to stick out the most) panned slightly off center in one direction. Since you want it to be lead don’t double track it. Then put your harmony guitar slightly more panned off center than the lead and to the opposite side.

    Next you can work on is EQ. To make things stand out more, have different EQs for things. We as listeners hear things most distinct when sounds are different.
    Hence, what you can do is give slight 1.5dB boosts/dips and make a “wave” sort of pattern on one guitar. Then, do the complimentary opposite with a different guitar. In this way, the different guitars should have a 3db differences in frequencies at various places. This will make your guitars stand out a bit more.
    Basically, it’s important to know what room each guitar is having in the frequency spectrum and sometimes carving out a path for the lead/melody


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  • Sounds like too much going on. Tone it down a bit. Too many overlapping sounds.

    • I think your right i was trying to be to clever

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    • @Elenor-1 I'm 144 pounds and I go to the gym 4-5 days a week, not to mention — there's a huge maturity gap between 15 and 18 year olds.

  • More reverb everything sounds better with more reverb

  • I think you need to improve your timings when you come into a new bar. the space in between transitions is inconsistent. I think when recording this you should use a metronome so that you are always maintaining a consistent rhythm because that seems to be your issue here. Good luck


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