Hey everyone I m a guy who can't live without music and i m a musician myself I m really Sad about the fact that people these days dont listen to a lot of blues and jazz they are into mainstream music which is not bad by the way but then refusing to try new genre other than mainstream EDM is what makes me sad
What do you guys think?
Also please share some good music with me I also have 3 spotify playlists
If you feel like it please check it out
The username is avd_g


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  • I like jazz very much.

    few of my fav:
    dave brubeck

    • lol wrong button...
      Etta James
      Ella Fitzgerald
      Benny Goodman

      and many more ;)

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    • by the way, if you like John Mayer you'll probably like Amos Lee as well.

    • Thank you so much i will definitely try all of them :)

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  • Classical musician (violist) here, I feel your sentiment. Jazz is such great dance music, (and great music in general) but at dance parties or similar events it's usually run by people who play the newest pop music, or by people who just put on Bohemian Rhapsody despite the fact that you can't really dance naturally to that. But then again, there are the odd times when somebody puts on In The Mood, and then it snowballs with all the requests, but that's pretty rare.

    • I m talking in general even when people are not in a party.. they Will still listen to mainstream edm

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    • Ah well I'm currently in an arts school, so most of my friends that I actually see every day listen to jazz, classical, or weird rock music.

    • If you are on Spotify do check out my playlist

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  • I like jazz on occasion. I think the issue is it doesn't translate to recordings very well. You loose the atmosphere.
    May I recommend sonny rollins.

    • Aye thanks for your opinion i have heard sonny Williams by the way but thank you so much for recommending

  • I like blues and Jazz too but I don't know much about it. I am a musician by myself but I am more into progressive metal but a bit of blues is great :)


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