Who's going to win the NFC Championship game?

  • Vikings
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  • Eagles
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  • My bfs team vs my moms 🙈 but i see eagles winnin


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  • Ahhh I wanted the Vikings to win so bad, it was a bad loss. I’ve never really liked the Eagles that much, and the Vikings have never won a Super Bowl.

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    • Tom Brady is an arrogant little a**hole. Not only did he cheat with the whole “deflate-gate” but he is just a sore loser. He just needs to retire. Bill Belichick is one of the sneakiest little guys I’ve ever seen. He always finds a way to bend the rules and ruin a good game of football. I’m a Ravens fan, and I’ve always just hated the Steelers and the patriots.

    • He didn't cheat with the Deflate-Gate. It was a lie by Roger Goodell. He's not a sore loser, he's very competitive.

  • Not the Vikings. They such


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