Why would my childhood friend/crush bring this up all these years later? Lol?

So when I was in the third grade, I had a best guy friend and we were totally inseparable. Let's call him Tommy. We used to do everything together and all of our teachers saw us as a pair. Eventually his dad got transferred and they had to move away to Washington (which is very far from where I live). I was heartbroken even then and spent the next few days crying lol. My mom was like "Before you know it, he'll be back." I didn't believe her but sure enough he returned when I was just finishing high school and we started getting close again.

We developed a flirty relationship but we're not exactly dating. More like we enjoy teasing each other and are a bit more than best friends. Well a few days ago when we were reminiscing about our childhood together and the funny things we did he was like, "Hey, remember when we were on the monkey bars and you farted?" I was sooooo embarrassed because I do remember that but we were only eight years old at the time! I was like "No, you must be thinking of someone else ahaha." He started laughing and was like "No, I'm pretty positive it was you." I ended up admitting it and was like "I was hoping you wouldn't remember that" and I could feel myself blushing. He was like "You're so cute when you're embarrassed." Since then we have gotten closer but I'm just curious as to why he'd bring something up that he knew would embarrass me? Lol. I wanted to hide in embarrassment seriously lol


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  • It breaks down barriers when it's done privately. Come up with a tale of your own to make him go a little red in the cheeks. It shows how much you treasure all the moments that you had together.

    • Yeah, we have quite a few funny stories about each other but some of them I wish he'd forget LOL :)

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  • I'm with him, blushing is the most adorable thing you can do. It usually is the only visible sign that someone likes you. Although I've never actually seen someone blush.

    • I'm always blushing around him & he seems flattered by it lol :) But blushing is seriously the worst feeling ever cause you can't really control it lol

    • It's weird, because despite that I'm Irish (I'm extremely white), I don't blush. Although I feel like I'm blushing, it's not visible.

  • He probably wanted to see you all embarras know how cute it looked

    • Haha I was embarrassed but I'm surprised he remembers that far back? Lol

  • I like how you made this anonymous just because you farted on the monkey bars when you were eight.

    • Hey, it's embarrassing enough that he remembers 10 years later lol :P

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