BOOK-LOVERS! How much do you spend on a general-sized paperback book (300-400 pages)? How much on a hardcover?

Don't forget tax! Does your price include the tax of the book? Or just the base price?

I spend up to $15 on paperbacks over 300 pages + whatever tax. What about you?

Let me know your specific preferences. I am also interested to see if people spend about the same as me on hardcovers. I spend up to $24.99 + tax.
  • $9.99 on paperbacks + tax
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  • $14.99 on paperbacks + tax
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  • $15.99 on paperbacks + tax
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  • $16.99 on paperbacks + tax
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  • $17.99 on paperbacks + tax
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  • $18.99 on paperbacks + tax
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  • $19.99 on paperbacks + tax
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  • I have a Kindle and I rarely buy paperbacks anymore. Maybe if it's a special/luxury edition I would be willing to spend some.


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  • 5-15 euros (with tax), usually 20+ euros on hardbacks. I buy my books from a big online shop, because the prizes are so much cheaper.


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What Girls Said 4

  • None. I go to the library.

    • But libraries usually stock mainstream books though, right? Obviously, you'll see some indie books in the library, but the best and widest selection is online

    • I'm fine with mainstream. I always find something to read.

  • I use thriftbooks and get paperbacks for like >$8 (free shipping for orders over $5 and seasonal sales sometimes bump prices even lower so I can get EVEN MORE BOOKS)

    Hardbacks usually cost me $20 ish? I mainly buy hardback if it's a book I absolutely under no circumstances can wait for like the Nightvale novels or something.

  • I don't have money for buying books. I go to library.

    • But libraries usually stock in mainstream books. Of course, you'll see some indie books from local indie authors and some of the extremely popular indie books, but most indie books are best found online if you want a good selection

  • I borrow them most of the time.


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