#GAGsuperHeroes Be creative and List your description for if you became a superhero (based off the 12 bold headings in my example below)?

#GAGsuperHeroes Be creative and List your description for if you became a superhero (based off the 12 bold headings in my example below)?#1 List Superheroine Name:
#2 List Birthplace:
WildWorld, MS, USA
#3 List Hairstyle:
Extra Long Braided Ponytail
#4 List Outfit:
Black/pink jumpsuit & knee high boots
#5 List Vehicle:
The Pink WildCycle
#6 List Up to 5 Powers:
Ponytail acts as a whip
Beautiful white smile that will blond you
Heals others with kiss on forehead
Seductive/Manipulative Skills if stare at cleavage
Parkour/Kung Fu Combat Skills
#7 List How I became a Hero:
Heartbroken after being played by Polygamous Jerkster & Don Luigi. Given a new heart, a wild one that belonged to a vengeful widow
#8 List Purpose in Saving the World
Ironically uses her Seductive/Manipulative skills to save the brokenhearted nonvirgins and naive virgins from thirsty thots/players
#9 List Slogan:
#10 List Relationship Status:
Future wife to Deezy-Kinesis;
Ex girlfriend of the Polygamous Jerkster;
Ex Potential girlfriend of mobster Don Luigi
#11 List Entrance Songs:
Wild Thing by the Troggs
Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf
Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled
Wild One by Flo Rida
#12 List Weaknesses:
Supercute Guys and Past crushes
BONUS- List Pics similar to your heroes look:
#GAGsuperHeroes Be creative and List your description for if you became a superhero (based off the 12 bold headings in my example below)?#JoinTheGaGLeague (a play on Justice League) #FeelFreeToList #TwelveQuestionSurvey @HotScorpio3 @just_tired @ScottSummers Hope you guys enjoy this :D
Then again, I may change my name to #RaeOfLight instead of #RaeWild and then my entrance songs will be UPRISING by Muse, I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS by Foreigner, FLASHING LIGHTS by Kanye West, RAY OF LIGHT by Madonna, LIGHTS by Ellie Goulding, ELEMENT by Kendrick Lamar, WICKED GAME by Ursine Vulpine etc.

P. S. my suit is bulletproof and i’ll only give MHO to people who followed the rules dammit 😒
THANks to all my #GAGSuperheroes for joining in and being so creative :) i’ll try to choose MHO soon


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  • Name: Quantum Enigma

    Birthplace: Unknown

    Hairstyle: afro

    Outfit: a flying bulletproof mechanical exo-skeleton armed with a sword

    Vehicle: a motorcycle because why not

    1. Vast control over the four fundamental forces of the universe (gravity, electromagnetic, strong nuclear and weak nuclear.
    2. Time control (travel, reverse, fast forward, slow, stop)
    3. Vast mental powers (intelligence, mind control, telepathy, and blocking mental control/ mind reading)
    4. Being one with the universe (having the universes mapped onto myself, having the universe's and my life be one)
    5. Lightning powers (because why not)

    (you said pick 5 powers but didn't specify how creative or powerful they had to be. So I picked the five that seemed most powerful and beneficial to me)

    How I became a superhero:
    Lab experiment gone horribly wrong

    Reasons for saving the world:
    Bringing universal peace, ending wars, helping the poor, stoping senseless killing and putting an end to criminal activities and organizations

    Slogans: (this is a hard one and these may sound lame)
    Time to be quantum-fied
    This will be a shocking experience for you
    I'm in your head

    Relationship status:
    Single, I'd be more of a lone wolf type. Though maybe a few marriages in different eras

    Entrance Songs:
    Center of the Universe by Kamelot
    Advent One Winged Angel
    A metal version of Somnus Lacrima (composed by Yoko Shimomura)
    Proponents of Sentience (I, II, and III) by Allegaeon
    Gray Matter Mechanics - Appassionata Ex Machinea by Allegaeon

    List of weaknesses: (This is hard since I tried to take that into account)
    The Supernatural

    There's nothing that can accurately represent what's in my head


Most Helpful Girls

  • Name: EXTRA T H I C C

    Birthplace: Portland

    Hairstyle: Wavy long hair

    Outfit: Black latex bodysuit & black converse

    Vehicle: The Electric blue Thiccylcle

    5 powers: can smash the floor with thicc thighs, licks people to heal them, screeches to make people go deaf, can use siren voice to make people fall under control, parkour, badass fighting skillz

    Origin story: I was insane, unstable, I was taken to a mental hospital. It was years, even months in that hell hole... before I got that beautiful golden opportunity. I knew they'd slip up, they always do, it was a day like any other. I was told to go to bed, my nurse came in and sat my food down before she left... she hasn't noticed that she gave me a metal spoon. I took that golden opportunity and took the spoon, knocking on the door to call the nurse in. She opened it and I drove the spoon in her eyes, I dug that spoon so deep into her eye socket that it apparently hit her brain, she fell to the ground... dead. I killed everyone I saw, I didn't give one fuck anymore. And here I am now, still on the run from the cops.

    • Lmaooo yesss that name! I wanted converse but said nahh haha. A THICYCLE! Omg i gotta see this. Omg yo powers so cool 😝 ummm u lost me at the origin story 💀 i thought we’d be teammates but i guess u my arch nemesis now. I keep innocent guys away from girls like u lol #RaeOfLight vs #XtraThicc

  • #1 Superheroine Name:
    #2 Birthplace:
    Unknown, USA
    #3 Hairstyle:
    Straight long blonde hair
    #4 Outfit:
    Black leather jacket, black crop top, short jeans pants, smokey eye makeup, hip hop cap worn backwards, black high heels or black sneakers
    #5 List Vehicle:
    Fast black Motorbike called 'Cody'
    #6 List Up Powers:
    -Singing high notes to shatter glass
    -Reviving people's conscience and emotions with my gaze and singing voice
    -Parkour skills
    -Krav Maga and kickboxing combat skills
    -Being underestimated
    -Always level-headed and high self control
    -Not giving in to pain or fear
    -Reading and assessing people
    -detail-oriented and observant
    -Immune to romantic love, always a professional and a lone warrior
    -Never taking sides in banal conflicts, not stirring up conflicts
    -No known ties to anyone
    -strong will, no self-doubt, keeping secrets
    #7 How I became a Hero:
    Growing up very anonymously, realizing my powers, following my inner call, traveling all over the country and honing my skills, not letting self-doubt get in the way of my pursuit, decided to become a superhero in spite of my lack of actual powers. Never mentions the past.
    #8 Purpose in Saving the World:
    Help people get back their sense of self, fight all sorts of crimes, supporting and protecting good causes and charities, help families get back together, protecting and saving the weak
    #9 Slogan:
    Shout out to the the mavericks, misfits and underdogs.
    #10 Relationship Status:
    Ignored and ridiculed by guys growing up. Never been in love, presumably never going to be.
    #11 Entrance Songs:
    Confident - Demi Lovato
    Legendary - Welshly Arms
    Team - Lorde
    Outside - Ellie Goulding
    New rules - Dua Lipa
    No - Megan Trainor
    Me myself and I - Bebe Rexha
    You don't know me - Raye
    Hot2touch - Alex Aiono
    Life is a highway - Rascal Flatts
    #12 Weaknesses:
    Handsome male faces
    Southern accent
    Movies, music, cats and dogs
    Triggered by mentioning of the past

    • I love your outfit and Cody 😍 wow u have lots of secrets i see and omg thats all my songs!! Although Bebe rexha is featured in my boo Geazys song. Lol omg the southern accent gets me weak.

    • Thanks! :)

    • Thank you for mho :)

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  • 1.) The Obsidian mountain lion
    2.) Los Angeles California
    3.) undercut
    4.) Black coat, black turtleneck, black slim tapered pants (corduroys, twill etc), jackboots, leather gloves, sunglasses, necklaces
    5.) The Obsidian panzer
    6.) Skilled in every known martial art, can spawn resources (fabrics, metals, food), superhuman dexterity, Olympic style strength, can heal himself
    7.) Prior to being a superhero, he already had excellent dexterity and was a skilled martial artist. One day he had a vision revealing that he descended from a alien species (half human, half alien). It was then that he discovered his ability to spawn resources, heal wounds and increase his abilities.
    8.) He wants to protect nature and bring bad people to justice, his ultimate goal is getting married and having offspring.
    9.) “Let’s purify this place”
    “I wonder who will be my Lili Marleen?”
    10.) Single, looking for date
    11.) Lili Marleen, Panzerlied

  • Antihero Name: Nursery Rhyme
    Birthplace: Russian Prison Camp
    Hairstyle: www.mens-hairstylists.com/.../...mens-haircuts.jpg
    Outfit: Long black trench coat, single sword, and two handguns.
    Vehicle: Basically this
    List up to 5 powers: Acute senses, can predict movements (he can sense and read the part of the mind that controls movement). Extremely skilled with his two hand guns and sword (Names: Nick, Nack, and Paddywhack). Skilled free-runner. (parkour expert).
    How he became an antihero: He grew up in a russian prison camp but was taken away at a young age to be trained as an assassin, as well as to undergo mind control/mind-reading experiments. The experiments resulted in him being able to sense a person's intended movements. He used his abilities to escape the compound, but not before going a little crazy.
    Purpose of saving the world: He does it for fun, and to spite his captors who tried to brainwash him into being a killer. He totally is, but he still wants to spite them by killing for a somewhat noble cause.
    Slogan: "With a nick nack paddy whack give a dog a bone. This old man came rolling home."
    Relationship status: It's complicated xD
    Theme song: He sings the nick nack paddywhack rhyme in a somewhat haunting tone.

    Basically he's an antihero. He's not all for justice, he's chaotic good and only really wants to spite his former captors last words (you're a killer, you'll come back to us, you have no choice).

    • Sorry I realize this is an antihero not a super hero. But I always liked the idea of a kind of insane guy having his weapons named for a nursery rhyme. I know it's not the most unique but eh. Most of the characters I've come up with use technology and special weapons rather than super powers.

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    • Mathes my purpose so well :)

    • x3 indeed! Honestly I'd probably just write or adapt a song I've written to be his theme song. I have one in mind which almost has a Sherlock vibe to it so I might well go with that.

  • #1. The Metamorphosis Man
    #2 Chicago, IL, After an incident that tore the very particles of my body apart.
    #3 Long Dreads flowin ethereally..
    #4 Organic Full body armor.. I would look somethin like this..
    #5 My own body I would be able to fly..
    #6 With the power to manipulate energy I could..
    -Have an energized body
    -Absorb energy
    -Create Energy constructs
    -Shoot concussive blast
    -Amplify my enery
    #7 After a mysterious object appeared as I was on the train on my way to work, it merged with me and ripped by body apart. I eventually could fully reform my body, and I was never the same.. I became stronger, faster, smarter, and I could control one of the fundamental forces of the Universe.. Energy.. I became "The Metamorphosis Man"...
    #8 I gained the ability to see things, see people, and with that I could see suffering.. If I could see the crimes before they happen.. I could stop them.
    #9 "I'm the man you can see but the man you can't touch"..
    #10 Currently in an estranged relationship with Alyssa, the powerful leader of the country of monsters.. Creatures she created, in order to protect the people of her country, and her home (for which she was exile from for almost wipin it out of existence) the Cayman Islands..
    #11 The first 30 seconds of this soundtrack..
    #12 No particular weakness.. But my mind can be overwhelmed, and so can my energy input temporarily..

  • All heroes, but no antiheroes or villains-turned-hero. I'm gonna shake it up a bit.
    Name: Foxx
    Birthplace: Agville, Usa
    Hairstyle: Short and curly, usually messy and kept out of eyes with a headband
    Outfit: Black pants, heeled boots, and oxford paired with a crimson vest with coattails. Includes gloves if it's cold out.
    Vehicle: Hoverboard that can turn into a skateboard
    Powers: Shadow manipulation, summoning boba tea and mochi waffles, temporarily turn into a fox
    How I turned Hero: The son of a villain, Foxx has access to all sorts of weird stuff. In hindsight, maybe he shouldn't have tried finishing the portal to other dimensions on his own. Apperently, dimensional portal exllosions can lead to strsnge abilities.
    Purpose: Spying. Works for the villains, but double-crosses them by slipping info to the heroes.
    Slogan: I'm a shadow, and nobody notices the shadows.
    Trusting a fox, because it's not like we're portrayed as cunning liars.. OH, wait. We are.
    Relationship: Flirts and dates, but never breaks hearts. Former flames get birthday presents and trips to the movies, as well as choclate every Valentine's day.
    Entrance Songs: Villain- Theory of a Deadman, This is How We Do- Katy Perry
    Weaknesses- Can be bribed with mochi waffles, occasionally gets mistaken for a villain by heroes, bright lights, can be tripped into his own shadows

  • While this is not aligned with who i am, its a 'hero' i thought up.

    Name: Mystery
    Birthplace : Nobody really knows
    Hairstyle : Has no hair or visible skin
    Outfit : Depends on how he wants to be perceived at that moment
    Vehicle : On foot, vehicles are slow
    Power : The ability to bend reality and appear in any reality or time at will.
    History : Nobody really knows if he is a hero or a kind villan, but currently he seems to align with good.
    Purpuse : He is the one with the power to shape the world, its more about creating an interesting world for him to life in rather then good or evil.
    Relationship status : Has one commited love interest who he made aware of the true reality and his powers to bend it. She is the only person that knows what he has changed or where he currently is but doesn't have power herself.
    Songs : If there is a song he will create it out of thin air if it suits the situation.
    Weaknesses : His girl could be exploited against him, could be corrupted by interesting offers as being a hero could become boring.

  • #1 List Superhero Name:
    #2 List Birthplace:
    A shooting gallery (a place drug-addicts use to crash and fix-up)
    #3 List Hairstyle:
    Retro 80s with the hairband and light colors!
    #4 List Outfit:
    Dirty sweat- or cargopants and tank-top, wife-beater style. Ad modum Bruce Willis in "Die Hard" (see picture)
    Entire back, shoulder and neck and back of both legs covered by tats..(seems to much of an effort to get laser treatment ajust for the sake of becoming a superhero)
    #5 List Vehicle:
    Armored Mercedes Maybach S600-guard edt.
    #6 List Up to 5 Powers:
    - Can construct insults so incredible, that it paralyses people! (Guybrush Threepwood style: monkeyisland.wikia.com/wiki/Insult_Sword_Fighting (didnt figure anyone knew what that is :-)
    - I absorb alcholol similiar to Pop-eye and spinach, the more I drink, the stronger and more amazing I get.
    - A charm so powerful it radiates and makes people bend to my will completely.
    #7 List How I became a Hero:
    A bad batch of dope send the people looking after me in the shooting gallery to their beyonds and the infant me ingested some, but it did something to me; it changed me making me what I am.
    #8 List Purpose in Saving the World
    Because I have a gambling issue, I had to make a HUGE bet and the only one providing strong enough odds was me saving the world...
    #9 List Slogan:
    Und beum alles in grünen bereich? ICH TÖTE DICH!
    From the Martin Solveig song, Hello: "I just came to say... HELLO!"
    #10 List Relationship status:
    Destined to court Emma Watson for eternity!
    Destined to be courted by Lindsay Lohan for eternity!
    #11 List Entrance Songs:
    I make my entrance music based on moods, so I use mood-representative music:
    - Bullet in the blue sky - U2 (the Joshua tree, 1987)
    - Do you really want be - Robyn (Robyn is here, 1995)
    - Horny 98 - Mousse T (single, released on Peppermint Jam rec. 1998)
    - Deeply Disturbed - Infected Mushroom (Converted vegetarians, 2003)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQs_dv4o3Is (mostly the part from aprox. 2:55 into the video)
    #12 List Weaknesses:
    -My inheritance and upbringing has left deep stains, so I am mostly untrustworthy and is known to disappear on a bender from time to time.
    - Music by Marilyn Manson is my cryptonite - my head starts to implode slowy if exposed !
    Since I an only allowed to post two pictures, I uploadet the rest here:

    • Niiice lol and i see that joe dirt mullet haha lol. Nice with the mayback but lmao at the alcohol spinach comparison. Lol we both have a gamblin issue. And u still find Lidsat hot? Haha i love that Martin song

  • #1 called the Heart plumber
    #2 the core of the earth
    #3 bald, with a beanie
    #4 worker suit with tools
    (no cape)
    #5 a red van that can change sizes
    #6 Can fix broken hearts so i can fix mine always because im broken
    Can sizeshift
    Can make love potions
    Can teleport
    Is always on time to fix peoples hearts
    #7 heartbroken after a stranger girl i loved ignored me and as i realised she actually doesn't love me, with shattered heart i hopped in a volcano
    the volcano couldnt stand the cold of my heart and pumped me in the core
    it froze and made a cold atone shell around me
    somehow i twleported out of there after gaining conciousness and i realised im not what i was
    by simply shooting myself i actually healed myself
    by doing actions that are about to hurt someone he heals the person/animal
    by saying that he fucking hates you you feel good
    but he loves everyone and you feel it when you pass by
    you feel your braincells regenerating when he is nearby
    he is the beacon of life.
    horns-stelouse remix
    when he tries to kill he heales
    when he tries to heal he kills
    never give him a medic kit
    only weapons

  • #1 List Superhero Name:
    Liberator Andrassy
    #2 List Birthplace:
    Classified laboratory on an alien planet which produces androids who exist to subjugate alien species into behaving properly.
    #3 List Hairstyle:
    Short, spiked hair.
    #4 List Outfit:
    A skin tight outfit that appears to be spandex but is actually an advanced computer system capable of many things.
    #5 List Vehicle:
    A catalyst that lowers the strain of teleportation.
    #6 List Up to 5 Powers:
    1. Faster than light speed and the reaction time it brings. (my primary power)
    2. Hacking machines with my mind.
    3. Ability to launch and expertly control electricity.
    4. Ability to produce and control superconductors such as H2O.
    5. Flight via pushing my body with unseen energy.
    #7 List How I became a Hero:
    I was created for my job from birth as an android that appears human.
    #8 List Purpose in Saving the World
    By capturing and brainwashing life, I can produce societies with a 0% homicide rate.
    #9 List Slogan:
    "You tried."
    "It will all be better soon."
    "This is for your own good."
    #10 List Relationship Status:
    Married to a succubus who schemes to take control of my organization, the Liberators. She willing allowed herself to be brainwashed to get "in" but despite all that she still cares for me.
    #11 List Entrance Songs:
    #12 List Weaknesses:
    My scheming succubus wife.
    Anything that can both contain my speed and teleportation.
    My low physical durability (defenses are sacrificed for extreme speed)
    BONUS- List Pics similar to your heroes look:
    Besides the clothing, similar in appearance to Gohan down below:

  • #1 List Superheroine Name:
    The White Knight
    #2 List Birthplace:
    New York, Brooklyn
    #3 List Hairstyle:
    #4 List Outfit:
    White Armor with a sword of light
    Suit (where he works at his private law practice where he upholds justice within the law)
    #5 List Vehicle:
    White Stalion
    #6 List Up to 5 Powers:
    Sword of Light with the ability to shine light and force the truth on others.
    Beautiful white smile that will soothe you
    Bullet proof armor
    Indomitable Will: This makes me able to function while tolerating massive amounts of physical pain, and also allows him to resist telepathy or mind control.

    #7 List How I became a Hero:
    A criminal walked due to corrupt politics and killed my brother in a mugging so I decided to take up a sword and bring my own brand of justice always standing up for what's right.
    #8 List Purpose in Saving the World
    To protect those who can not protect themselves and to ensure the bad guys have something to fear so that the event of my brother's death don't repeat.
    #9 List Slogan:
    Stand down before the power of the Light
    #10 List Relationship Status:
    Single, I'm married to Justice.
    #11 List Entrance Songs:
    You Get What you Give by New Radicals
    Hallelujah by Pentatonix
    How to save a Life by The Fray
    Good Feeling by Flo Rida
    #12 List Weaknesses:
    Single Mindedness, White Knight's drive to protect others can be used against him
    BONUS- List Pics similar to your heroes look:

    • Love this! And aww did your bro really die :( #9 and 10 haha love those!! OMG New Radicals and the fray 😍

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    • Im not a villain. Im similar to a female version of the white knight

    • not saying u are, but you may be tricked by a villain one day.

  • Lol love the question also your hero is awesome
    ok lets see...
    1. name: Scott hero name: quill shadow
    2. birthplace: fictional world in town called Parm
    3. hairstyle: this is him this is our guy img.charahub.com/...d8e1a284722938b40326_tn_sm.jpg he looks a lot like me so why not
    4. outfit: the thing is he is not your typical hero so he wears black cargo pants, combat boots and face mask to be anonymous also a lots of dif gadgets that he needs for his adventures since he neevr stays on one place for too long.
    5. vehicle: maybe this but its maybe over the top I don't know www.gogogreen.net/.../...Made-from-spare-parts.jpg
    6. powers: he is a regular guy who after being attacked by demons who can be seen only by few selected persons was able to summon this giant claymore to aid him in battle d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/.../...reatsword.png at the beginning he was bad at using it but after some time he is very good. He has a strong will and determination and that is what makes him a hero.
    7. how he became a hero: He never needed a reason to become a hero, he is just a regular guy attending uni, he has a mother and a sister and a normal boring life.
    But since he was a child he was dreaming of becoming a hero, explore whole world in a search for adventures. so one day he leaves everything and he went on a journey where he never stay long on one place and he helps anyone who needs him.
    8. purpose in saving he world: He had no purpose he just wanted excitement but after he saves a little girl who was attacked by a demon called Yomas he realized what he needs to do.
    9. slogan: The future I want is the one that I create for myself. Even if it costs me my own soul
    second one: bite me.
    10. relationship status: future husband of plain Jane
    11. entrance song: bring me to life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YxaaGgTQYM and this fire burns https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpzfdkTuiC4
    12. weaknesses: he has many weaknesses, he is not the hero who is widely respected and makes girls panties wet! Also he is reckless, he rushes into battle without thinking and thats why Jane often scolds him a lot. his main weakness however is Jane. awwww.
    About Jane bellow lol.

    • Ok plain Jane
      this is our girl http://i.imgur.com/eelJaxj.jpg
      She lost her parents when she was little. She decided to join the hero society to fill the void. after she meets Scott she looks down on him and considers him loser who is delusion and who is dreaming but can't be a hero.
      In the same time Scott gets disappointed with the hero society who refused to let him into the society and Scott says they are buncha cowards who only go on scripted adventures helping no one. And he was right.
      The hero society leader mr Dingdong wants to forcefully marry Jane or he will take her hero pass away and she won't be able to be a hero anymore. Scott defeats mr Dingdong and saves her from forced marriage.
      dingdong takes her pass away but she decides that a true hero doesn't need a pass and she joins Scott who now she deeply respects on his adventures and they fight demons Yomas together. They eventually fall in love and have 5 kids!

    • #2 yea my place is fictional too #4 im a nightcrawler and my outfit doesn't hide much. I want u to see me coming and know who i am lol #5 thats so cool #6 im regular too but with a ponytail thats like a whip gadget that i created; and yea i use the vengeful heart given to me with good intentions to save others #9 lmao i was thinkin about a bite me slogan last nigt too #10 haha plain jane was originally my name because thats what i was before i became the hot #RaeOfLight #11 omg thats my song! and aww i love how u gave Plain Janes description. Haha my boyfriend won't let me reveal much of his

  • ((Did you design this question specifically with me in mind?
    Anywho, a while back I made a question specifically talking about media heroines and the issues I tend to have with them. Since then I figured, "If you want something done right, do it yourself." This was the result.))

    #1 List Superheroine Name:
    Rathi Dorokei
    #2 List Birthplace:
    Vuundiil Tarthrii, Circle Hearth
    #3 List Hairstyle:
    Varies ((sometimes hair down, other times in a ponytail, always moderately long))
    #4 List Outfit:
    Sleek black scout uniform. Modified with additional light metal combat armor components. Allows for a great combination of mobility, protection and camouflage.
    #5 List Vehicle:
    Ulfen- Pet wolf. Genetically augmented by Rathi to grow larger, faster, stronger and smarter than he would have naturally.
    #6 List Up to 5 Powers:
    Super Strength
    Super Speed/reflexes
    Tarthric Night Fighter training
    Tarthric Warrior training
    Flame energy manipulation ((includes a bunch of shit so I'm kinda cheating here))
    #7 List How I became a Hero:
    Born a demigod ((well.. something similar. It's complicated)). She was already a war "hero" back in her time ((depends on how you define hero.. as her methods were quite cruel. Some remember her today as a psychopathic warlord)), uniting the people of the Circle and wiping out its invaders. Long story short, she got herself frozen somewhere and was revived about a millennia later by the Priests of Mars who sought to use her powers for their own ends. She escaped.
    #8 List Purpose in Saving the World
    It's the whole demigod thing. The sole purpose of people like her is to restore and maintain peace through superior firepower.
    #9 List Slogan:
    #10 List Relationship Status:
    Single for now. Future status under development.
    #11 List Entrance Songs:
    ((and a calmer one for when she's on her knife-flute))
    #12 List Weaknesses:
    If for whatever reason her willpower is low or she finds herself with nothing to fight for, her powers will be severely hampered as they rely on the user's drive and passion.
    BONUS- List Pics similar to your heroes look:

    • Under "weaknesses" I should have also put that she was revived in the 13th century, meaning she's basically viewed as a "sketchy outsider" type. She isn't adapted to her new environment particularly well and that tends to get her into trouble.

      Also she doesn't see her outfit as a superhero outfit. In her time, it was tradition within her society for fighters to wear at least a minimum level of combat gear at all times except for sleep and maintenance. So if you approached her about her "costume," she won't know what the hell you're going on about. It's not a "getup," it's just her clothes!

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    • Because u asked if i made this question for u

  • Such a girl lol
    I know you're so the type to read cosmopolitan and ask your boyfriend question from page 4 personality test questions 😂

    Im universe man
    Unlimited universe powers. Nothing can stop me muhahaha

    • Lol yep thats so me. But answer based of the 12 headings pleeeease

  • This is what I'd look like as a superhero (I drew this btw)

  • #1 List Superhero Name:
    #2 List Birthplace:
    The dungeon of the kings castle, where he abandoned his wife
    #3 List Hairstyle:
    Medium straight, pig-tails
    #4 List Outfit:
    Frilly pink tutu dress.
    #5 List Vehicle:
    A pumpkin Chariot
    #6 List Up to 5 Powers:
    Everyone immediately believes everything I say, and sees me as their best friend in the whole world, whom they like very much.. 😅
    #7 List How I became a Hero:
    I studied it in kindergarten
    #8 List Purpose in Saving the World
    Going on an adventure sounded fun!
    #9 List Slogan:
    Told you so!
    #10 List Relationship Status:
    Too young to be in a relationship
    #11 List Entrance Songs:
    Twinkle twinkle little star
    #12 List Weaknesses:
    Sunlight and deaf people.

  • I don't know about all this costume and theme song stuff, but my superpower would be to be able to see inside cats. Any colour cat.

  • Mine wouldn't really be very creative. I've read too many comics, so my superhero would just come out being a ripoff of some of my favorite characters.

  • #1
    The Flaming Beard
    Flames for hair and facial hair
    Shorts and a cardigan. Looks like he could be homeless.
    Has a pogo stick but tends to walk everywhere... or gets the bus
    -Can manipulate fire which often manifests from beard and hair
    -Can jump from great heights without injury
    -Can detect heat signatures through walls
    -Absorbs energy from the sun in a similar manner to photosynthesis
    After being burnt by the Catholic Inquisition for supporting the idea that the Earth went around the sun, he was handpicked by Satan to be his champion in the epic battle against the evil, manipulative God and his minions.
    Save as many souls as possible.
    Married to Jesus's daughter who went to hell for wearing clothes made of different materials and for eating lobster.
    Highway to Hell... obviously. Sometimes uses Stairway to Heaven just to be amusing.
    -Holy Water
    -Weed distracts him
    -Takes too many days off

    • #1 lol matches ur pic so well #4 lol giving that Will Smith Hancock the whino feel haha #6 parkour like me maybe haha #7 wow guess that makes us Arch nemesis #RaeOfLight vs #TheFlamingBeard lol #9 ugh give it a break dude 🙈

  • Honey where is my supersuit? (I'm on mobile so I don't wanna type this all out so I'll do it later)

    • name: Fission

      Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan

      hairstyle: le21eme2-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/.../...KS2625.jpg

      Outfit:https://cdn. shopify. com/s/files/1/1909/5631/products/t-shirt-dabbing-unicorn-hoodie-5_large. jpg? v=1502383466

      Vehicle:https://boardsportscalifornia. com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/onewheel. jpg

      Powers: can clone himself, but he can't control all of them at the same time so they just kinda do whatever, they dissappear after 24 hours but he gains the knowledge and skills they might've gathered.

      Origin Story: He was born in imperial japan and was stationed in Nagasaki when the Atomic bomb was dropped on the city, he fell into a coma and woke up 60 years later only to find his country totally changed, he pretends to like anime and pop culture to blend in, but really he's just incredibly confused about what's going on and uses his cloning ability for good.

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    • lol not with themselves i hope but with other people lmao

    • Ohhhhh lmao makes sense

  • #1 The Bearded #2 Antarctica #3 Mohawk #4 Shorts and under the knee boots #5 A lion headed griffin #6 Sword dueler wrestler beard makes men weak and women get charmed by it and a powerful body strength that can smash villain's head with my bare hands #7 For being the son of a warrior who were sent the god of ice. #8 To save and protect every person who has been bullied, assaulted of any kind and to put end for the evil powers #9 (LOL yours is so powerful) Am here to ice you :P #10 Married to a valkyrian woman #11 Dio HOLY DIVER #12 Celiac and lava.
    Nice survey, i like it a lot.

    • #8 Love this #9 hehe thanks :D

      Im glad i finally made a survey you like :)

  • #1 List Superheroine Name:
    #2 List Birthplace:
    Secret government lab
    #3 List Hairstyle:
    Few strands of pointy hair
    #4 List Outfit:
    White T-shirt, brown shorts and blue cape
    #5 List Vehicle:
    Booger Mobile
    #6 List Up to 5 Powers:
    Ability to fly
    Toxic snot that eats/destroys everything it touches
    Superhuman strength
    #7 List How I became a Hero:
    BoogerMan was created when scientist at a secret government lab was in the process of cloning a alien from one of their discarded tissues when one of the rookie scientist grabbed the tissue to clean up the toxic waste they spilled.
    #8 List Purpose in Saving the World
    BoogerMan protects the public and fights evil monsters that escapes from government labs.
    #9 List Slogan:
    Have no fear, BoogerMan is here
    #10 List Relationship Status:
    #11 List Entrance Songs:
    Monster Mash
    #12 List Weaknesses:
    Allergy and Cold medicine, BoogerMan is powerless without his runny nose

    • Im not surprised ur single. Lol creative but disgusting to read

    • Whats so disgusting, everyone experiences a runny noes at some point in their life.

  • #1 called the Wraith
    #2 nowhere important
    #3 anime male length, brown, no styling done
    #4 black and white skin tight heat resistant and flame resistant apparel, cape is optional on the night
    #5 my own legs
    #6 super speed.
    #7 my own science experimentation to splice super human genes into the genome of humans was successful, leaving me as a super speedster. The dream started when I was fifteen. I always told people I would do it as they told me it wouldn’t be done, approximately 19 years later it was finally successful, my dream had come true. No longer will I leave those in trouble alone.
    #8 During my youth I was always the one being picked on and had to fend for myself, no longer will anybody be FORCED to fight. They can relax while I take my insanity and help them.
    #9 By Odin’s Beard that was a close one!
    #10 teddy bear with a hole in the crotch.
    #11 Million Miles an Hour - Nickelback
    #12 cakes and cookies.

    • #4 and 7 creative #12 lmao #11 love nickelback

    • I’m a role player, so I’m used to making detailed backstories, the whole thing was much longer, but I cut it down. Also, this is my actual dream. I want this to be a reality.

    • I also have two other alternatives to the song. 1000hp - Godsmack, or Supersonic - Amaranthe

  • sexcrazy
    does not matter where i stay and how i came about. i would help out all the girls i can by foreplay and sex with them :-D ;-P

    • Lol you have to answer each bold heading please

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    • Im RaeWild, RaeOfLight and my signature move is the nutcracker so better keep ur dick away from me before my ponytail slits it in half

    • well, then i will have to use my fingers and mouth to soften you up a little LOL

  • Quadragonist
    #2 List Birthplace:
    Planet Dragbond
    #3 List Hairstyle:
    Neon hair mohawk
    #4 List Outfit:
    White suit
    #5 List Vehicle:
    #6 List Up to 5 Powers:
    Ability to destroy/create atoms.
    Complete control over light.
    Attainment of Youth
    Time Traveler
    Unlimited appetite
    #7 List How I became a Hero:
    Died and, had a argument with god and, is here to prove a point.
    #8 List Purpose in Saving the World
    Educating everyone with his ruthless agression.
    #9 List Slogan:
    You won't see me coming, till I strike.
    #10 List Relationship Status:
    No time for that
    #11 List Entrance Songs:
    Thousand Foot Krutch:- Let the Sparks Fly/Down
    RTPN Unnamed
    Konceal Illuminati
    Tristam I Remember
    #12 List Weaknesses:
    Turning into the bad guy

  • 1 Arch Angel Troy
    2 Heavenly Realm
    3 curly black hair
    4 Battle Armours
    5 No vehicles
    6 1- power to cause wind tornado 2- ability to fly 3- ability to bend time 4- super strength 5 - Ability to heal
    7 God made me and then one one day he joined me with the legion of Michael to help fight for mankind
    8 Save them from demons and temptations
    9 Times up muthafucker 😂😂
    Ascend I shall and Descend you shall
    10 single

    12 Too much time in the physical world


  • 1. The Bolt.
    2. New York, 2000.
    3. Medium hair length with medium beard.
    4. All black with green lightning all over. Also with a B in the middle and a lightning bolt through it.
    5. Black and green Ninja (Kawasaki).
    6. Can turn into a lightning bolt and travel at remarkable speeds, create electromagnetic fields to stop bullets and move metal objects, smite people with lightning, time travel, and create lightning and throw at others.
    7. Is an Alien from another planet and is stuck by lightning from the planet while on Earth.
    8. Was always an outsider who wanted to make a difference and others look down apon him for doing so.
    9. "The storms not coming, it's here".
    10. Married to Maddison Bloodstone.
    12. Liquid rubber injected into blood stream, and the Galeath Stone if present on the same planet.

  • #1 List Superheroine Name:
    Orange Juice
    #2 List Birthplace:
    Redwood National Part
    #3 List Hairstyle:
    #4 List Outfit:
    #5 List Vehicle:
    #6 List Up to 5 Powers:
    Superhuman strength
    Rapid Regeneration
    Talk to plants
    Variable root system can be used like Groot
    #7 List How I became a Hero:
    Magic Tree
    #8 List Purpose in Saving the World
    Mother Nature
    #9 List Slogan:
    You attack nature, nature attacks back
    #10 List Relationship Status:
    #11 List Entrance Songs:
    "Welcome to the Jungle" Guns and Roses
    #12 List Weaknesses:

    • #1 lmao people will prob call u OJ
      #6 i can regenerate but my shades aka #RaeBanz help shield my face and my outfit is some kinda bullet proof rubber/leather #9 ans #11 haha love that

  • LOL!!! Save the world from thirsty THOTs and players!!! Ahahaha!

  • Why does this sound like, do my homework for me kind of thing?

  • Procrastination Man

    "Leave Everything To Me! Tomorrow!"

  • I don't think I meet the criteria Desi... far too modest :D

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What Girls Said 3

  • #1 List Superheroine Name:
    #2 List Birthplace:
    StarVille, PA, USA
    #3 List Hairstyle:
    Big curly black hair with hot pink streaks
    #4 List Outfit:
    (You stole my colors!) Black leather catsuit, hot pink boots, hot pink mask, black cape with a hot pink C on it, black belt with hot pink star
    #5 List Vehicle:
    The CharMobile (A hot pink and black truck)
    #6 List Up to 5 Powers:
    -Ninja warrior fighting skills
    - streaks double as rope
    -Mask has hypnotic powers
    -belt shoots out laser beam
    #7 List How I became a Hero:
    After being bullied and feeling invisible for years, I wished on a star for the world to see me for who I really was. I woke up the next morning a super hero.
    #8 List Purpose in Saving the World
    To get rid of all the bullies and show those that feel invisible that they matter!!!
    #9 List Slogan:
    #10 List Relationship Status:
    Lone Star
    #11 List Entrance Songs:
    Starstrukk-3OH!3 ft Katy Perry
    #12 List Weaknesses:
    Dimples and Sunlight

    This was funnn

    • Lol #4 u have a cape so they can tell our outfits aprt haha. Lmao i started to wear “the bible belt” which shoots holy water at them hoes haha. lol a lonestar. And dimples girl yasss

    • 😂 holy water tho

  • I'm gonna pass on this one, hon. I like comic books, but I'm not really the superhero type...

    • Awww come on :) yo can be #TheLustuLawyer 😍

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    • I prefer to call it creative reattribution. It's a lawyer thing :-)

    • Nahh ima need a lawyer. Call me #ImaSue haah

  • When you posting the vote for hot people.


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