What kind of art careers are there? How easy or hard is it to be a artist?

Art is something im really passionate about doing, I can't imagine my life without art in itWhat kind of art careers are there? How easy or hard is it to be a artist?


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  • As someone really big into music and art, I can understand your situation.

    Here is my perspective— don’t aim for a straight up “art career.” Rather, aim for something that involves using your creativity/art skills. For instance, this could be like an industrial designer, architect, scientific illustrator, whatever. If you stray more from science, there are also things like web design or video game development. From what I know, the fields in those are more promising than, say, a studio art job.

    Being a painter, or standard “artist” is a hard business. Not only do you need to be very talented/good at what you do, but you have to sell your product somehow which requires a business aspect to it. There is a reason why “starving artist” is a phrase. It’s competetive and hard to make a living.

    Likewise, ask yourself, do you need a “career in art” to pursue art? Although I really enjoy writing/playing music, my major is not music. Instead, I practice music on the side. I don’t really need a degree in music to pursue how I want to pursue it. I still am in a band, and I still write music. It would be great if I can make it big, and I’m aiming for that. However, given the odds against me, I have a backup if things go south.

    My dad loves woodworking, but he is in the computer science field. He uses some of the money he gets from comp sci to fund his hobby.

    Hence, you may pursue art, but if things fall apart, make sure you have a backup right next to you. You don’t want to be in your mid 20s, realize things aren’t going how you hoped, and that now you’ll resultingly be struggling to make ends meet for years down the road.


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  • Depends on what kind of art career you're aiming for.


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  • You can try graphic design or illustration, or you could be an art teacher. If your good at art on a computer you might be able to get into video games

    • I had this dream to do something... but its kinda stupid and difficult to do

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    • Well you could always do that on the side, so it's totally doable, but unfortunately most great artists aren't really valued while they're alive so it wouldn't work as a main job most likely

    • ehhh its just a dream, my art ain't as good as most

  • Well all the people I know that went to uni to study art degrees are either unemployed, working in a shop, or doing some other completely unrelated profession. In short, it's likely to be a waste of time from what I've seen. The demand isn't there to support all these aspiring artists.

    • oh... well... there goes my only career option...

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    • I doubt that. You just haven't discovered it yet. Life at your age is incredibly confusing and uncertain.

      Anyway, if you're sure you want to go down the art route, then go for it. Just make sure you have a backup in place. While also keeping realistic expectations as to where it will get you.

    • I know
      Art is more realistic of a career than a singer anyway

  • If you really appreciate art and understand what art is, you'll never make a good living out of it. I was sceptical when I heard it for the first time, now I kinda see it.

  • There's an endless amount of possibilities out there.
    Just put your mind to it


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