What are your favorite video games? And what genres do you usually lean towards?


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  • "Bethany Esda" games are usually my cup of tea.
    Not really a fan of online games because I'm soups shy and suoer bad at video games, but I like to have fun.
    Also like Mass Effect, Dragon Age.
    Oh almost forgot, I'm always a slut for idle games, they're so addicting >.>
    Nintendo has some good ones


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  • The best video game I've ever played is actually a mod called "mount & musket". It was a mod of the game "mount and blade warband". It had shitty graphics and a catastrophal singleplayer but it made so incredibly much fun to play the multiplayer with my friends or even without them sometime. It was just too good to be real and that's what the modder also figured out so they made the game "Napoleonic wars" of it. Better graphics, by far more player, and a lot of new stuff. But the only thing they couldn't bring into the new game was the feeling we had in the mod. Unfortunately they shutted down the servers for the mod so they literally killed Mount & Musket.
    I've tried a lot of other games. Horror games like TEW and TEW 2, Outlast, Resident Evil
    Strategie games like AOE 3 (my second fav. Game) or Napoleon Total war
    Shooters like COD, boyfriend, Killzone
    Tactical shooters like The last of us (I love the multiplayer)
    A lot of other games like Skyrim, metro Redux (that's so underrated), Bioshock, Borderlands...
    I would say they all have their pros and cons and it depends on my mood what game I would like to play. At the moment I started playing again minecraft (didn't play it for about 4 years) and Wolfenstein: The new order. I also try to beat TEW 2 on classic mode but cause of that magma things after beating Stefano I just stuck in chap 8 for month...

    • *shooter like battlefield damnit. I wrote b f for battlefield and this romantic app just autocorrect it to boyfriend. What wrong with you GAG?

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  • Lineage, League of legends, Age of empires, Heroes of might and magic, horror games like Bendy and the ink machine, Fran bow and anything that has a high creep factor.


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