What's your favorite romantic movie?

What's your favorite romantic movie?What's your favorite romantic movie?What's your favorite romantic movie?


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  • Love me if you dare
    And legends of the fall

    • Keep hearing about the first one, but what's the second one?

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      πŸ˜‚ Seriously though... It's just very dramatic and makes you want to cry.

      Well... I am overestimating it a bit but It's not funny at all, It will make you think philosophical thoughts and eventually make you feel more tired haha

      But seems like you like doing things you're told not to do, huh? O_o

    • Makes you want to cry huh, that's good then..

      And yes! ;) Or no.. I don't know. Depends on the order πŸ˜„ I get curious...

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  • Rom Com would be Blast From the Past

    Romantic like serious love story? I don't know, there's an anime one called Your Name that was pretty good. I feel like there's more (I love all movies) but can't think.


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