POLL: Where do you mostly enjoy memes?

Where do you enjoy your memes? Do youbside with Spoons the turtle? Or the [not Wal-Mart] happy face? Or perhaps the original source--the bowels of the internet? Or do you get your memes the old fashioned way: mailed to you using collectable stamps, and fine parchment paper?
  • POLL: Where do you mostly enjoy memes??Funny Pics
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  • POLL: Where do you mostly enjoy memes??iFunny
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  • POLL: Where do you mostly enjoy memes??Reddit
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  • POLL: Where do you mostly enjoy memes??tumblr
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  • Social Media (Facebook/Insta/Twitter)
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  • I don't partake in memes
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  • Some other source
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  • 9gag, google search, reddit and Pewds' channel

  • The normie is strong with this one.

    Where's 4chan and 8chan?

    • I actually was going to put 4chan, but ran out of room. I don't 8chan. Since this is a poll, I thought it wiser to just put "other" with an explanation so others can learn new sources.

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    • I don't know, I see memes with the watermark or label on them, so they must. I never got into it, so I don't know a lot about it

    • The thing with the 9gag watermark is, they publicly acknowledge to not produce any memes, which kind of makes it a dick move.

  • YouTube.

    I now know da wae.
    But can you do this?
    Someones touched a my spaghett!


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