Disney here she comes?

Omg they should make a Disney princess who is evil
I'm not talking accidently evil I'm talking evil conniving phyco bitch evil but at the same time relatable and I don't want her to be the villian I want her to be like the main characters best friend and the main character will take all the fucked up ah she says and does as she's just kidding I want them to be best friend's and my princess to be a great friend and have a soft spot for the main character and most of the bad things she does is because she's protecting her friends and because she loves being evil
I want her to be a legit Disney princess she needs to be standing next to snow fucking white
Her and her boyfriend could be a duo like Anna and Elsa

Omg I could voice her


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  • We do need more relatable evil characters. Especially ones who aren't just typical villains. I don't think you'll have much luck with Disney doing that though, they can't even give Star Wars convincing evil characters

  • A good idea actually. She could kill Snow White instead tho. And take those dwarves as her slaves. She'd be like their dominatrix. I can already see the porn parodies of this movie


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