Did you you know Mr. Orbison dyed his hair?

In his early teens, Orbison was self conscious about his hair being platinum blond, so he dyed it black to not only help with his self consciousness, but to have is hair match his dark persona. Did you you know Mr. Orbison dyed his hair?
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  • I never knew that! :) Pretty Woman.. walking down the street.. Pretty Woman.

    • Almost no one does. In Dreams will always be my favorite :D.

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  • i did not know that. can i just say, i love how you are so in love with mr. orbison. i know that I, and 99% of GaG, would have no idea of who he is without your discussion of him and without a well-placed reference in Golden Girls.

  • I didn't know his hair was platinum blond and stuff but I could tell it wasn't his natural hair color by looking at the picture.


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