For someone like myself who has never been interested in art or cinema what should I try to get into to spark my interist?

My only hobbies are trying new beer/whiskey, sports (betting and memorizing stats), and reading about politics. Music wise I search YouTube and see some new artists but I awlays end up listening to little Wayne 2007-2010 cause nothing else interists me. I've been to a movie theatre once to see Star wars episode 3 and didn't get why it was entertaining to some. I went to a play in the third grade for a field trip and was bored so never signed up to go again. Overall I'm a first impression type so Politics, sports, whiskey tasting, and some rap gave me a good feeling so I stuck with it. If i hate something the first time I won't waste my money on it again so I'm looking for something that can spark my interist to expand my hobbies.


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  • Man Star Wars episode 3 is a terrible fucking movie if that's what you think all movies are like it's no wonder you hate them jfc

    Watch The Princess Bride or Back to the Future those are my personal favorite movies or if you're into slower and more immaculately crafted classics try The Godfather. There's a very good reason it's on every "movies to see before you die" list.

    • I have watched a few on tv like I am Legend, Happy Gilmore, and Shrek 2 come to mind. They were ok accept for I am Legend had a dog die which is so thing I will never forgive the director or script writer for letting happen. I don't see myself going to see a movie at a theatre and spending money.

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  • Cycling, photography, museums, tours, motorcycle mechanic (this one used to be on my list lol but I never tried it), arcade, podcast while walking, get a pet, woodwork class, writing a novel , educational video editing, board game (there are solo ones, one of them I know is called Sherlock something), cook.

    • Ignore my list. Just realized you wanted specifically in arts

    • Video game wise which qualifies I like to play Pokemon and Zelda but with the releases being so infrequent it's hard to constantly keep me interisted.

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