Frustrated at myself for not being more motivated. What should I do?

Despite being a little lazy, i've always understood the importance of making my time on this earth count; I think about it frequently and have made it my goal in life to create something for others to enjoy long after i'm gone. Anyone can have a child in hopes of their children making the family name proud, but I want to leave an actual impact on the world: make some kind of video game or a show or even art; know what I mean?

Since i'm 21, I feel this is the best time to start: even if I lived to be 100, I might not have as much of a "spring in my step" later on in life. I've tried coming up with ideas for YouTube videos and even making my own video game by myself. You'd think with all this ambition and knowing the importance of making each day count, I wouldn't have problems seeing my projects through. But...

I'm not sure if I can do it: i've worked on this game for 3 years and i'm still nowhere near done. I'm at a point where i'm starting to get a little burnt out on the whole idea, but it's been my dream to make a video game and i've sunk so much time and effort into this; it would be a waste to give up now. I'm not even sure what to do next with it.

As for YouTube ideas: I can't think of a good video idea and I hate my voice; I know everyone does, but it's a REALLY bad speaking voice.

My main problem is that I have a long way to go in both of these things i'm trying to create. But I also feel that nothing I make is ever good enough and i'm starting to think it never will be. So not only do I have a long way to go, but it feels like i'm making next to no progress and all the while, time goes by and I have less time on this earth... Over dramatic, but you get the idea.

It has made me VERY unmotivated and I feel frustrated and disappointed with myself. But I don't know how to start getting out of this unproductive stint. Please, if anyone can help me: how do I become more motivated and confident? How do I see these projects through to completion?


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  • This is not a joke but do you masturbate often?

    • I think maybe like twice a day?
      (One at the start of the day and one at the end)

      Why do you ask?

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    • While this is news to me, I guess I could try not doing it and seeing if there's a difference in productivity.

      Though I do seem to become more agitated when I go long periods without masturbating. But thanks for the advice, I appreciate it. I'll give it a go and see what happens.

    • Agitation is normal and while fighters purposely use this in their fights (they call it chi) you have to learn how to manage it. When you are on edge you have to find a way to use that energy towards your calling. Trust me all of that pent up energy can make you see life in a whole new manner. Also, another important thing is meditate! It will help you a whole lot in terms of energy and even make you sharper. Its basically a cheat to life.

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