Would you ever consider robbing a store for the food?

Just stick up a Chick-fil-A and demand 12 chicken sandwiches. 😋

You wouldn't get in as much trouble right?


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  • Nah lol I like forward people for doing me favors, such as playing them when they give me good :P sounds funny though

    • Uh, I don't understand the meaning of those words. I must be drowsy or somefin.

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    • At least what's your favorite dessert. 😋
      For being a dude I can actually cook believe it or not. Lol

    • i'm not really a huge fan of food or anything but i guess i like chicken lol. and that's a good skill to have

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  • I've never been poor enough to justify it.

    As for getting away with it it's all in the lawyers.
    The more violence and damage you cause, the more money it will take to grease the wheels of justice into believing your the victim. But if you could afford that lawyer, why are you stealing food? 😂

    • You forgot your wallet and you're soo dang hungry. 😂

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    • What if you could steal a year's worth of your favorite food and it would magically stay fresh?

    • I suppose then it just turns into a cost-benefit and your immediate hunger is still irrelevent.

      Let's say that equates to £500 of food.
      For the sake of £500 would you steal from an employee? Would you risk being caught (and the fines/cost of that), would you pull a gun on an innocent person.

      I guess If it was as easy to steal £500 of food as it is to swipe a packet of crisps I would be game, but as soon as it becomes reasonable to be caught, or becomes an armed robbery, the payoff would have to be far higher than a bit of food

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  • Not when there are hundreds of possible alternatives to robbing a place. If someone is hungry enough to risk imprisonment I don't see why they don't just use a food bank.

  • Only robbing food, and if my family or myself were starving.


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