Show us your tattoos ! 😉?

Are you inked?
Can you send pics?
What does it personally means for you?
I really am a tattoo lover but I do not have one (one day I will). Show us your tattoos ! 😉?


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  • I want to get one! A large back piece with some kind of bird or cat. Traditional is very popular here, but you have to be careful not to get mixed up with the mafia.

    • I love full back pieces, but generally you don't start with that type of tattoo ^^ it's quite big for a first one don't you think?
      Yeah I've seen those mafia tattoos in traditional style. You seems to be from Asia, which country? :)

    • Pain isn't really an issue for me, I've gotten a few piercings in pretty painful places! I had my chest done a year ago and my tongue just today!

      So I like to think my pain tolerance is quite high! Thing is, one big and intricate back piece seems more classic to me rather than having a bunch of little, unconnected ones. The artist I'm researching (I won't have the cash to afford him for a while, so that leaves lots of time for research!) is really quick but making amazing tattoos! If I get it done in stages, I think I'll be okay!

      I'm living in Japan, have been since high school! My friends just LOVE to make fun of my accent. Although I'd have to wear a one piece swimsuit when going to the pool, the onsens seem to be getting more and more friendly to tattoos!

    • Did your chest cicatrized easily? I offered my ex girlfriend a piercing on her tit, and I had to wait a long time to enjoy it lol. Hope your tongue heal soon, you might speak weirdly with a new piercing on it haha.

      I agree with you about having a large piece :) I would like to have one massive piece on the shoulder, scapula, upper arm, and pectoral.
      Yes I think it's often done in few stages ^^

      I would love to travel to Japan, they have a very interesting culture. I'm sure the one piece swimsuit suits you well ;)

      Could you mp me to talk more about those things? :) I really want to know more about you

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  • I have a lot of tats but i am very particular and take my time with each one, they have to mean something important to me, mine are almost all for my family, I have the airborne patch and my dad's dates when he was born and when he died, dog tags for my airforce grandparents and their dates, a sun with my son's name and his birthday and others like that, I don't pick anything off a wall I design each one other than the patch but I added onto it with my own designs, I'm not judging people that do just get things they like such as an animal or a plant or whatever they can look just as nice but mine personally have to be something extremely personal to get it on my body, just take your time, make sure it means something to you, and find the right artist

    • You seem to attach a lot of importance to symbols, I like it. I agree with the fact that a tattoo have to be meaningful for his owner. But everyone can do whatever he wants to do with his body.

      Could you please send photos of your tats? :) I would love to see them if you agree ^^

    • Thank you, I am for sure but I can definetly appreciate any good tat I see on someone, I can in a bit I'm out right now getting stuff for a super bowl parter were having

    • Oh yeah today is the final ^^ Don't worry I'll wait, have a good time :)

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