What do you guys think of this prank? Do you have any pranks you like?

I really love watching those prank videos, here's a girl pranking her boyfriend.. it's kinda funny cause he gets mad at the end lol

Also like those scary pranks too.


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  • I saw one where this guy pranked his own brother by thinking he had gotten a million pounds through the death of a family member or something, only to get called by the bank in Wales to say he was 400,000 pounds in debt and when he read the reference number/code, it stated sorry bro

    Link will be posted down below



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  • Funniest i ever seen was a guy cut a tip of a dildo and glued it to his girlfriend's forehead with industrial strength super glue. Man she was panicing that shit had me cracking up

    • damn... ugh lol wheres the video.

    • You tube. I think the title is something like girlfriend acting like a dickhead prank.

      Make sure you have the right 1 boyfriend is white and the girlfriend is black. At 1 point you start feel bad for her but when you look at their channel they do some messed up stuff to eachother.

  • I hate this kind of pranks

  • don't like


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