What are some romcoms that you really liked and could suggest?


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  • My most Favourit-est-est ones <3 <3
    Why Him (2016).
    The late Bloomer (2016)
    PreMature (2014)
    Above three absolutely hilarious with a little bit of romance
    The ones below are romantic and somehwat funny.
    My sassy girl (2008).- (the American Remake not the original korean one.)
    About time (2013)
    The Holiday (2006)
    The Space Between Us (2017)
    Chasing Amy (1997)
    Its Kind of a funny story (2010)
    The Lucky One (2012)
    Stuck In love (2012)
    Almost Friends (2016)
    Definitetly maybe (2008)
    SIlver Linings Playbook
    The Art of Getting By (2011)

    • Thanks! You are a savior ☺

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    • For sitcoms u may want to try *Friends* and *How I met Your Mother?*

    • I have watched only Silver linings playbook which i didn't really enjoy as much. And the lucky one i attempted to watch it but i couldnt complete it it wasn't engaging. I have downloaded the sassy girl, the American one since a couple of days but i have yet to watch it. And ill put the rest on download too in a while. As for the sitcoms, i will try to watch those too. Thanks so much for your suggestions. Appreciate it.

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