Do artists enjoy having their male model become erect if he is attractive?

i have art modeled twice now. My second time it was 4 women including the proctor and one guy. I started off being able to control my penis which has been my biggest fear thus far. I am 32, tall slender and athletic and have dark features. My penis is 7” erect. Sometimes it has a mind of its own. When I got into the longer poses is when I started to get hard. My first time I was laying forward on my stomach but with my left leg externally rotated. All of the women in the class could see as it started twitching and filling with blood. Next pose I was declining and had my hand on my inner thigh. The next pose a Hispanic 40 year old lady shifted (because she seemed fixated on my penis) I realized she moved and it made me instant hard. My penis brushed by my hand and made me get fully erect with my penis pulsating up and down with my heart beat. I stayed like that for 25 minutes. After the session I got a round of applause from all 4 women. The female proctor said she would definitely have me back and I did great. I think this all was allowed because I am attractive. An ugly fat man might have been asked to leave but I was thanked and praised and asked to come back. Would the average woman feel turned on or threatened in this situation or just not really care? These women seemed to really enjoy this scenario. I found it to be slightly erotic although I know that isn’t the purpose and it isn’t what I want out of the situation.


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  • Dont the applause answer the your question?

    • My question is, was this allowed because I’m attractive?

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    • Would you personally draw the erection? I think the Hispanic lady drew specifically that, but in the other couple artists sketch they left it blank. A couple of the women hid their drawings quickly after the timer went off...

    • I. m no artist.
      Did the session had a theme? If it did , the drawings keeped the theme?

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  • Were any of the women hot?

    • Yes little Latina hot body big tits. Prob soaked pussy after that class

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    • Yes like 14 women

    • Cool. Have you gotten the chance to get with any of them since then? Also, what did they say when you started to shoot? Any gasps, whispers, comments?

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  • I don't mind. Doesn't mean he's a rapist

    • Would you watch if their penis started to swell into an erection? Or would you look away? Would you draw it hard or flaccid?

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  • I am really confused.


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