Can you guys suggest me some good anime movies like "your name", also can u pls tell something about the plot too?


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  • Have you watched films by Studio Ghibli? I've heard great things about them and after watching "The Secret World of Arriety" I might check out more of their films. I could give more suggestions of they don't have to be movies.

  • Ghost in the Shell
    In a cyberpunk-Japan, cyborg technology is advanced to the point where the line between what is human and what isn't is very blurred. The movie is pretty short, but it follows a cyborg detective who's trying to track down a mysterious criminal who has been hacking into people's brains through their computer implants. The novie touches on a lot of sci-fi themes such as humanity, identity, individualism, the value of life, and capitalism.

    Ninja Scroll
    This is an ultra-violent movie about a ninja killing bad guys.

    Wolf Children
    Brother and sister children are born half human and half werewolf, and they struggle to figure out where they belong. I'm a tough guy, but that movie made me cry.


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