Can I take my 9 yr. old to A Perfect Circle concert with me?

A Perfect Circle is my top favorite rock band aside from Tool, they're coming near my city this year & I really want to go & take my 9 yr. old with me. I've already influenced Maynard into her life. Does anyone know if she'd be able to get in with me?


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  • Just get her the proper hearing protection and I would think you would be able to get her in with you just make sure to look out for her and you will probably have a great time.


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  • I have no idea, it depends on the venue, you should call and ask them. You sound like an excellent father by the way.

    • Er.. mother

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    • I can't seem to figure out if they do or don't sell alcohol there.

    • I've sent a message on fb though to the venue to see if she'd be able to get in with me, so I'm hoping to hear back from them soon.

  • You going to protect her ears from hearing loss?

  • I say heck yeah rock band concerts get him/her into other genre of music.

    • get her into other genres?

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