Am I doing something wrong or is this just as bad as I always thought it was (video rendering)?

I've lately been putting a lot of time into learning it and when I do short previews for the different effects that I like to test out, the rendering takes insanely long. For example, I 30 second video will take more than an hour to render. (rendering in 1440p, 59,94fps). Are there certain things that heavily affect the time that the render takes? I use Sony Vegas 14 and I'd say that my rig is fairly decent. Really feel dumbfounded by this and would like some answers.


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  • Rendering can take quite a bit. Specially if your CPU is just an average model, you are using a frame rate as high as that, or the codec you are converting into isn't natively supported by your CPU.

    1080p 30fps Matroska could be a better option for you.

  • 1) Okay, that is weird. What CPU do you have?

    2) The effects you use can increase the rendering time but not that much.

    3) Please stop rendering at 59,94fps ASAP.

    • I have an Intel i7-3770 running at 3,40GHz I like to render in good quality since that's what it's all about for me in the first place I tried enabling gpu acceleration but I couldn't. by the way, a 30 sec video would take about 4 hours if not more :/

    • Well, I'd suggest turning down the quality and checking the result. I'd also ask on fora over at places like Gamer's Nexus.

  • Depending on the effects you're using and how big the video is the render time will differ. Most of it will depend on hardware tho, either the processor or the RAM. I used to have the same issue, I ended up building a computer specifically for gaming but it handles video rendering a lot better now.

    • I have 16 gb of ram. Intel i7-3770 running at 3,40GHz. I doubt that the hardware is the reason that a 30 sec video would take over 4 hours...

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