What do you think about Cambodian Space Project?

DeigoO posted a video about a Latin Rock group. I have to admit the song grew on me. I liked it after a couple of times listening to it. So now I ask about a group I happened upon while traveling overseas. The singer could not read or write in English or Cambodian. She would make notes that only she could understand when she created these songs. Her husband, now her ex, had a band. They would create the accompaniment from the melody of her voice alone.


Cambodian Space Project

Demon Lover. . .


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  • Not bad, the only problem is that I didn't understand a thing, but the music it self sounds good.

    • Oh I get it. I don't speak Spanish by the way. I just liked your band. I don't speak Cambodian either. But I love CSP.


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    • Demon lover?

      Geesh. I thought I was the religious one.

      Well here is something that won't freak you out hopefully. I thought she did such an awesome job on this song. Her narration is written in English, so you can follow a long and get an idea of what the song is about.


    • I will check it out.

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