Do you like pop🎵? Which is your fav pop song that is out lately 🎶?

My latest fav 🎡

I can't wait to listen to more of her new songs🎢!


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  • Honestly not a fan. It’s okay, typically catchy, and it’s what I hear on the radio for the majority. I listen to a broad variety, but not really pop. I like 80s music, r&b, classical piano, rap, and rock bands.

    • Yep first question is curiosity about preference of others too, thank you for sharing your opinion!

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    • Haha nice! I just mentioned them because I don’t really listen to pop likes I used to before. And no problem! Thank you too

    • ty for mho!

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  • I don't listen to pop that often because I'm hip hop (rap) fan. But my favorite song is "The A Team" by Ed Sheeran

  • I don't listen to pop really, maybe sometimes some Michael Jackson.

    For me I like Babymetal a lot πŸ‘Š

  • Breathe- by Jax jones and Ina wroldsen. Love that

    • I'm listening to it, I like it, thanks ✌️

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    • Umm I can give some ideas but I don't know if you like them, do you want to tell yours first?

    • I just planned to write it in a origami flexagon and put it in her bag. That is funny, that will not work. You please guide me. Can you message me please.

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