Can you make good money off of selling commissions?

I was just wondering, because I am going to try to sell commissions on DeviantArt.


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  • You can, most of my friends that did it, had another stream of income while they did that though.

    • I don't have a job yet, but I think I may be able to manage. I am halving my pay with a classmate. She's gonna make the bases, I color in, she organizes events, makes loom bands to sell in school, I handle updating info, taking requests, and she handles naming the commissions, while I post, nd handle splitting out pay, and keeping a tab on our requests

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    • Yeah, but then you could pick and choose your favorite requests and turn out a higher quality product. Plus, if you start with free commissions then you can have a small portfolio of work to reference when someone wants a commission done, after you start charging.

    • Okay! Good idea

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