Are there too many craft channels on youtube?

I've been thinking of making a youtube channel, a proper one. Where i do different hobbies and show how to make stuff, or do different things.
Eg. How to grow certain plants. How to cook whatever. How to make this that and that. Even money saving tips, all that kind of thing.

Itd be a proper video, not a slide show like what 5 minute crafts does. Youd see me making the thing and the process, the end result, all that.

What do you reckon? Or is there enough channels like this already that itd be a difficult niche to get a foot hold in?


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  • Go for a shot. To boost your channel up I suggest clickbaiting just to get enough subs and viewers. What I've learned is just do something different. Vlogging seems to be on the rise rn. What is your channel name? I would love to check it out.
    Mine is: stinkywinky
    I have a character from spongebob as the profile pic :)

    • I haven't made it yet ^-^
      I've got a name in mind but there are two channels aready with the same name (albeit dead channels but nonetheless) so I've got to think of a way to either make it new, or think of a different one all together.

      I won't be starting it for another month or so yet, more planning to do and i got stuff going on.

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  • I say go for it. I watch one where the guy builds airplane models and other ww1 or ww2 vehicles.

    The ones I am sick of seeing are the "haul" and "try on" videos that girls do. Oh big deal, you bought shit and showing off. So ridiculous...

  • I wanted to do such thing myself, regarding mechanic, electricity, electronics, farming, animal care and maybe some other stuff. But there is too many Indian/Pakistani bullshit channels which copy one another and they are filling YT so new channels have no chance.

  • Worth a try


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