Obsession with Disney all of the sudden?

It started about a week or two ago. I don't understand


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  • disney has very good stories, they think about what they're doing in detail.. they try and make a good addicting story that also has very good life advice and also even psychology... as well as some... ill suited things sometimes. if you watch a documentary on the science of disney you might realize it's pretty amazing.


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  • -_-depends.. mmarevyou talking old school Disney, like finding nemo, or are your catering to new Disney. Finding dory, choose a side.-_-. lmao

    • Nemo. But I've been watching Cinderella, beauty and the beast, princess and the frog and many other Disney princess movies.

    • Been watching Disney since I could walk no shame at all, it, s great looking for the inappropriate subtle things the editors throw in. Watchmojo has some of them lol.

    • Ok then.

  • An obsession? Is it impossible to Let It Go? >w>


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